FanFic Friday: Ahoy, Love and My Heart My Home

Happy Friday Fic Lovers! We’re sticking with Katie’s warm thoughts theme from last week because brrrr…baby, it’s still cold outside. Michelle and I had to cyber arm wrestle over the first rec (lol) and she won (she’s like, Emmett strong 😉 ) So Michelle is up first!

Ahoy, Love by Katinki

ahoy love bigger

Author’s summary: COMPLETE. One big, white boat, one unfortunate tropical storm, a few too many bottles of booze, and two single thirty-somethings hanging out, maybe falling in love, and trying to not lose their minds amidst the endless rounds of shuffleboard and Bingo. Just a bit of fluffy summer fun to take the bite out of Old Man Winter. AH.

Let me be upfront, in my opinion, this fic has one of the best lines EVER! And the build up to the schmexy times…. HOT!!  (Can I get a fan in here?)[deb: *swivels the fan toward Michelle*]

You know you’re going to love a story so much when the first conversation between Bella and Alice is so much fun you want to join in. It’s that type of banter that only two friends who know each other so well can have.

“Your house is being fumigated.”


“I called the Health Department.”  “Yeah, I told them that there were at least four-thousand tarantulas living in the crawl space.”

With that, Alice has basically decided sulky, single Bella is getting out of the house and going on a much-needed vacation.  A nice, relaxing cruise.

Pfft!  It doesn’t happen that way because the cruise ship Entertainment Director Alec has determined Bella needs a boyfriend while on his watch!

“You do the cruise alone?” (Alec) asks,…  “But it’s good, yes? We have the singles events!”

Oh, God. Kill me now.

“No worries! You will have marvelous time on ship! We find you the boyfriend!”

I do believe Bella may kill Alice at this point. At least her cabin suite is sweet!  HA!

My room is the shit. That is all.

….a complimentary bottle of red wine. Score! Flowers forgotten, I open the bottle and begin guzzling… immediately.

And yes, I’m totally drinking straight from the bottle. Don’t judge. You would be, too, if you’d had my kind of year and my kind of day.

Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. I mean, I can always just hide from Entertainment Director Alec and relax in here.

Annnnd that’s where she goes wrong.  Matchmaking Alec will not be denied.

I’d expected a small table for one, hopefully by a window, in a corner, and maybe behind a curtain, instead I’m being motioned toward a linen-covered chair on the right side of a big round table set up for… eight. And it’s half-full already. Great.

I pretend to glance down at my menu, silently ticking off all of their names and committing them to memory so that I don’t commit some appalling social faux pas. Like mistakenly call Emmett some other terribly outdated or old fashioned name. Like… I don’t know, Edward or something. But seriously, three couples. And me. Awesome.

The lone single at a table for eight.  Poor, poor Bella.  Then a bronze hair God slowly strolls in…. (cue Twilight cafeteria scene….)[deb: *howls*]

….strolling up to our table was one Edward Cullen. Yes, and before you ask, his name really is Edward, an incredibly outdated name but one he wears like a champ.

So what’s a girl to do when Edward asks:

“Want to?” Edward yells ..”

Would you have said no? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Over a year, remember?   He’s like total spank bank material.

(Did I forget to mention Bella’s had a bit of a dry spell?)

 The soft, wet brush of Edward’s lips below my jaw and down my neck.  “This okay?” he asks between kisses.

UNF!  Katniki does a fantastic job with the UST.  And humor! I love this feisty, witty, sarcastic Bella.  And Edward gives just as good. Some of the best banter and inner dialogue I’ve read. 

 “You realize that when you wag your eyebrows it gives you away, right?”

“Does not.”

“Does too.”

“Well, maybe I just like flirting with you.”

“That’s what you’re calling it?”

“If you’d prefer, I could pull your hair. Or pop your bra.”

“You’re terrible, you know that, right?”

“But you like me.”


And how Bella came to be single is a hoot!

 “Jake decided to leave me for his beta.”  “Yeah. It started about a year and a half ago…” I say, ….. “Jake decided that he’s really the eternal spirit of some wolf who lives up in Canada.”

Edward’s expression shifts to one of absolute hilarious horror, and the fingers that had made their way back to my face freeze in place. “So wait, I don’t… he’s with… he’s banging a wolf? Is that safe? Or even legal?!”

Not only do I love Bella and Edward but the rest of the characters (canon couples) are fun as well and play their parts as good support for the storyline.

For me, the best line is when Bella decides that Edward is pretty much perfect.  “It’s like I’ve found the Anti-Jake.”  But a very close second is when Edward declares: “….. I like playing doctor.”  And let the schmexy times begin.  Chapter 14 might be a reread for me, er, some of you. Oh, and chapter 19 too! Hey! Don’t judge me! LOL! [deb: No judging, I’m rereading it right now!]

Katinki keeps some subtle canon in there for us: Edward’s bronze hair, a blue dress for Bella, Jake being a ‘wolf’, popping of the “p”; but I love how she sneaks/hints at a certain Brit man with some bump
and grind, a nod to Macy’s, men’s cologne, and some “tension” in an elevator.

Ahoy, Love gives us sweet, swoony, sexy, blushing, likeable Edward.  But all things must come to an end, right?  Well, cruises do.  Which means our favorite singles will have to say good-bye and get back to real life.

 I don’t think I ever want to end, if we’re being honest.

I’m strongly avoiding any thoughts of what’s going to happen when we get back to port on Saturday.

Edward states….”I’m really looking forward to finally getting back home and off this boat.”

“You weren’t planning to see me when we got back, were you?”

But which one of them asks that question?  Bella or Edward?  You’ll have to discover that on your own!  **evil laugh**

Since discovering Renfield and Chiclets [deb: LOVE that fic], I’ve been hooked on Katinki’s writing.  She’s written 16 stories for the Twilight fandom and many of her stories have been featured here.  In fact, you can read a, review of her current WIP OPERATION: Break the Dawn HERE. Each story she writes is unique, well thought out, and researched.  Night Must Fall, An Angry Man, and Requiem are on my MUST READ list.

So if you need a warm escape from the cold, I hope give Ahoy, Love a little love.




So yes, winter has sent me searching for sweet fic escape. Ahoy, Love fit the bill with all the fun in the sun. I’m also enjoying this hot weather charmer: set in LA (I have In-N-Out envy) Edward’s Eternal brings us a sweet, adorakable, whiskey-swilling Britward! Oh yeah, he warms me up. 😉

My Heart My Home by Edward’s Eternal

my heart my home

Author’s summary: Edward Cullen, constantly in the spotlight, sought after British actor has had problems with his staff. He needs a new housekeeper. Bella, his manager’s sister, is in a tight spot and needs a job. They meet … they talk … they bond. But how deep does the bond go? Can either of them figure it out? Will he realize what he already has?

This fic is so much fun! A romance/humour WIP with 8 posted chapters, it has been a perfect escape to sunny LALA land. This Edward, a British actor, has laugh out loud internal dialogue and great banter with Emmett, his manager, and Bella, his long-time housekeeper. Extra funny times when Edward revs up his Britspeak to confuse poor Emmett. Like this moment, when Emmett calls Edward out for walking out mid-interview, a semi-regular occurrence.

Emmett laughed—a bit too loudly for my liking. “Did you not think I’d know what happened yesterday, Edward?”

I laid my head on the table. “How?” I knew Bella wouldn’t rat me out. She hid all sorts of shit I pulled from her brother.

“The magazine called, you idiot. And Felix let me know you came back early.”

“Ah.” Of course my security guy would tell Emmett.

I cracked open an eye. “She was a bloody idiot, Em. The whole thing was dodgy. We were at sixes and sevens right from the start. Really, I had no choice. My integrity was at stake.”

He frowned at me, and I grinned. I loved confusing him with my “English-speak” as he called it, so at times I laid it on thick. He was never really sure what I was saying. He snorted and took a deep drink of his coffee. “Sure, Edward. I’ll be sure to tell the studio, who set up these interviews, that piece of information.” He fixed me a stern glance. “They already called. You have to make this up. That’s three of their interviews you walked out on.”

Ruh-roh. LOL

The story is sweet and funny and things are heating up as Edward slowly (bloody man) comes to realize his feelings for Bella are deeper than simply good friends—well beyond the best friend she’s become over the time she’s been taking care of him. Of course, he doesn’t fully realize this until Bella is out on date with someone else (wanker-lol).

My best friend.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was in love with Bella. Unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her.

I sat back, stunned, the empty glass leaving my fingers and hitting the rug with a dull thud.

Holy shit.

She was going to kill me.

Poor Edward. My Heart My Home is updating every five days and I’m counting on “Oscar” (Bella’s nickname for Edward) and his antics to get me through the rest of winter.

Bonus rec: Annie sent me this hilarious and hot shortie. Three quick chaps, lots of laughs, and a holy hot hell lemon. *wipes brow* Treat yourself and read this right now.

Oh, Edward by ImNotAddicted

Author’s summary: Bella is stressed. She is ready to find her stress relief in Edward.

I also want to double quadruple endorse Michelle’s rec of Lost and Found by brodeurgirl30 last week. It’s phenomenal! I’m so happy to have found it at this point, lots to read and updating on the regular again.

Final announcement, counselor’s Look How You Turned Out has completed so all you complete only readers should check it out!

Have a wonderful, warm weekend. xoxoxo

7 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: Ahoy, Love and My Heart My Home

  1. katiebirdie says:

    Thanks for all of the warm recs. ladies. *adjusting blanket*

    I want to say the same thing to Annie about her rec for Badlands. I’m still reeling from the last update. It’s on the darker side, but really well done. *blowing kiss to Annie*


  2. EeWee says:

    Thanks for the recs ladies. I’ve just finished Spy Games last night (a long read, but well worth it) and was looking for something to start next. I think I’ll give Ahoy, Love a try. Hope you guys get some warm weather soon. It’s a beautiful 58 and sunny here in Charleston today. 🙂


  3. eewee333 says:

    Hi ladies. Thanks for all the wonderful recs. I just finished Spy Games last night and I’ve been looking for something to read. Think I’ll give Ahoy, Love a go. Spy Games is a great story. Long, but well worth the time. Hope you get some warm weather soon. It’s a beautiful sunny 58 degrees here in Charleston today. 🙂


  4. abinar says:

    Yes, everyone needs to read Oh, Edward by ImNotAddicted Right. Now. Go.


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