A Valentine Message from Beckett Taylor (Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia)

I’m super excited to bring you this Valentine from Beckett Taylor. It’s not your average valentine but then Beckett isn’t your average guy 😉

Valentine’s Day can kiss my goddamn ass. It’s a bunch of hairy bullshit. I hate it. I hate being told what to do, when to love someone. Choke on my meat piston, you filthy, corporate animals.

You want to know what love is? It’s every fucking day. It’s every fucking minute. It’s every fucking second. It’s breathing for someone else. It’s stopping in the middle of the damn street because you need to taste her. Right then. And if you don’t have her you’d kill a million men to get to her. Step through the puddles of their blood to find her.

My girl? She’d be fighting from the other side to get to me. And she’d probably kick me in the nuts for murdering the wrong goddamn way while she was at it. There isn’t a Hallmark Card for, “I want to choke you out while you ride my dick.” There should be.

This isn’t a romance. This isn’t a storybook. She and I? We’re killers. And fuck if we aren’t lovers. When we’re spent and stupid from coming so hard it’s like taking drugs, that’s when the softness creeps in. I hold her close and it hurts. Because I want this second, this moment to be my everyday. It’s not. It never will be. We don’t have flowers and chocolates. We’ve got hand grenades.

It’s the scariest love I’ve ever felt. It is like it’s made of mist standing on smoke. If I make one wrong choice, it’ll disappear. And then I’d spend the rest of my days trying to find her.

Fuck Valentines.

Love every damn day like it’s your last.

Humps and wet kisses,

Beckett Motherfucking Taylor


Told ya!

Thanks and hugs to Debra Anastasia!!!


Tamie Xo 

6 thoughts on “A Valentine Message from Beckett Taylor (Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia)

  1. mlynpeters says:



  2. Jo Briggs says:

    lol, havent read these books but he sounds great!


  3. Genney says:

    Love it, I love Beckett and the brothers.


  4. Lau says:

    i loved him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for the next book!!!!!!


  5. Jenny says:

    Such a sweet valentine💗


  6. Diane says:

    Better late than never…..He’d have my heart!!!!!!


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