Valentine’s Week: Deleted Scene from Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan + Giveaway


A Note from Rebecca: “This is the original version of a scene from BARELY BREATHING that was trimmed and edited for various plot reasons. But I still adore this playful moment between Emma and Evan. In just a few paragraphs, it’s easy to remember what I love about this couple. I hope you love it too.”

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Valentine’s Week: Update from the Tates (The Real series by Katy Evans) + Giveaway

We have mad love for Katy Evans and of course Remington Tate from the Real series…one of our forever book boyfriends. We’re super excited to share anĀ Update from the Tates…

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Illustrated Temptations: LIFERS by Jane Harvey-Berrick

I have never read anything from Ms. Jane Harvey-Berrick (I know, I’m such a slack) and so when I received the copy of her newly released stand alone novel–LIFERS, I was so intrigued. I started reading it and guess what, first chapter-I knew I’m hooked! I can’t seem to put it down!

I am totally blown away by the story. Two beautiful and damaged individual who met in a society wherein both struggled to fit in. Torrey Delaney is a feisty, sassy, sexy lady who doesn’t seem to act properly for how a preacher’s daughter is expected to be. I loved her because she always speaks her mind no matter what and she has a big witty mouth. While Jordan Kane, a beautiful, sad, broken ex-con who was treated with disdain by the community… like everything he touched gets poisoned. He was tormented by his past and even his own family loathed the sight of him.

It was a very touching story. I’ve never got to dive into an ex con’s head to see how it felt like living outside after his sentence. So this book was really a great read for me. I was so amazed how the author balanced the angst and the calmness of each scene. The sad moments will make you ugly cry but the banter will make you laugh out loud. It was written in both POVs so you really get to live on both heads of the characters. Okay I won’t tell anymore, check out some of my photo teasers…

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