FanFic Friday: Young Pilgrims, Malice and Hockeywards Galore

Happy Friday Fic lovers! Michelle and I have a few stories to share with you so let’s get right to it. I’m up first with a stunning short story.

Young Pilgrims by ineedyoursway

No banner but I pictured Edward a lil like this... *weeps*

No banner but I pictured Edward a lil like this… *weeps*

Author summary: Bella lives a life without passion. Passion is the only thing Edward has.

Young Pilgrims is an AH complete short story told in a poetic style from Bella’s POV. I found this older gem while fic diving; it was one of those cases of “I’ll just check out the first chapter” and then looking up hours later and feeling like you’ve seen a really good movie. I could not stop reading. I loved the style, the intensity, the quiet, sarcastic humour and the angsty mystery of figuring out who this Edward was.

Read lots more after the jump!

The author summary above is perfect. Bella is a coffee shop-working college student and kind of aimless. Edward appears at (mostly) regular intervals, a complete enigma and a focal point to Bella’s bland days. Edward’s passion is dance; he’s given up everything in his life to pursue it. As they let each other in, bit by bit, Edward’s difficult past comes to light. Here is where I need to mention the magic of this story; it’s not quite 30k words. There is so much story packed into those 30k words. *stares in awe*

Their relationship captures that scary young newness, building trust for each other and in themselves. Le sigh. I read this story with my heart in my throat, each of them are stubborn in their own way and I really didn’t know what would end up happening. I also love that there was more to this than just their relationship…Bella finds a real purpose and we don’t always see that in fic (it’s escapism, I know, not judging just observing) and it kind of brought this story to a new level for me. Again, in 30k words (have I mentioned my love and admiration for concise, rich stories, I’m babbling, ignore me lol).

Young Pilgrims is a really beautiful read, I welled up more than once, and I just loved the honest feel of it. I will definitely be checking out ineedyoursway’s other stories.

And now, here’s Michelle with the Hockeyward Report 😉

It’s the 2014 Winter Olympics! And for me, it’s all about hockey!  Men’s hockey to be specific!  And what a match up comes this Friday -à USA vs. Canada in the semi-finals. [debb: Update: ahem *Rocky dances*]  I’ll be glued to the TV screen.

Fanfiction and sports go hand in hand.  Lots of Sportwards and Sportellas out there.  Especially found in the ice rink.

There’s Take the Ice by Bellamarie117 and Major Misconduct by m7707.  Plus m7707 gave us an EPOV with Coincidental Major.  And if you had the chance to read The Misapprehention of Bella Swan by hunterhunting before it was pulled, you would have become a huge hockey fan. [debb: My fic husband y’all]

Right now, CaraNo has the hot new hockey story with Power Play.


Author SummaryIt’s been seven years since they were last united as a makeshift family. Seven years of fleeing their pasts, hiding their feelings, missing all of the pieces of their souls. The game that gave twin brothers Edward and Anthony their purpose will now help them reconcile their history and make their own futures. What does that mean for the girl caught in the middle?

While they might be in an ice rink, CaraNo knows how to make it hot!!  She’s stated it will be about 20 chapters and it’s up to ten so far.  Whatever event took place to keep Edward from his family hasn’t been revealed yet.  CaraNo is keeping us in suspense on the angst that’s to come.

But here’s a word for you:  TWINS!  That’s right.  Power Play = twice the fun!  Edward and Anthony are twin hockey stars.   And of course there’s Bella.  You could say there is some tension when it comes to Bella.  But which brother is she with?

Other canon characters are here too but CaraNo’s Carlisle is, uh… well, let’s just say he’s not a fatherly figure in this story. [debb: I don’t know why but I love me some OOC Carlisle, yum]


And did I forget to mention it has SLASH in it?  I’m not talking about a hockey call. [debb: *snort* *high five*]  Nope.  Not at all.

It all start with Anthony’s plan to unite his family.

Anthony was the NHL playboy and fuck-up extraordinaire who’d gone off the grid last season after a slew of minor injuries that couldn’t be ignored any longer. Yes, he had partied too hard in the past and gotten a nasty reputation, but he’d always done his job on the ice. Clubs wanted him, though they sometimes proceeded with too much caution, and now they were questioning his pick for the new season.

Hell, he’d been questioning it sometimes, too.

 “Cullen,” Mr. Cullen barked out, causing Anthony to straighten.

 Shit, he nearly dropped the fucking phone. “Uhhh, yeah, it’s Anthony. Sir. Anthony Masen?” He drew up his hood and hurried as he got closer to the Starbucks where he was meeting Bella. “You called me earlier.” He didn’t know why Mr. Cullen made his palms sweat. It irritated him.

 Anthony was a king. He snapped his fingers and people all but kneeled before him. But with Mr. Cullen? Christ on a fucking cracker. He felt like a prepubescent boy who was asking his hero for an autograph.

 “Right.” Mr. Cullen cleared his throat.. “I was wondering if you’d spoken to your brother yet.”

 That would be a no. If Edward found out Anthony was gonna be on the same team soon… “Ah, no. Why, does he suspect anything?” He’d done his best keeping his move a secret, but it wouldn’t be that hard for Edward to find out. All he needed was the internet.

 But he hoped Edward was too busy training across the pond to read NHL news.

 “Well, he’s in a particularly sour mood,” Mr. Cullen said wryly. “If this goes on, Coach might bench him and let Nordstrom play next week.”

Anthony grimaced, knowing his twin brother was too good to be backup goalie. “Edward’s one of the best goalies in the world.”

 “I’m aware,” Mr. Cullen drawled, “considering I’m the one who signed him.”

 Edward had been running for seven years now, and Anthony was done.  And now…now he’d gone so far as to leave the fucking continent.

 But with a little help, Anthony has a surprise for Edward.

 Bella spotted him and smiled–that beautiful fucking girl.

 Anthony blew out a breath. He crushed her in a tight hug, breathing in her light floral scent. “God, I missed you, love.”

 Bella squeezed his midsection. “Ditto, motherpucker. Skype hasn’t been enough.”

 True that. Edward wasn’t the only runner in their dysfunctional little family; Bella had been MIA, too. Only, she hadn’t cut off all communication. In the last year and a half when she’d backpacked her way through South America, she and Anthony had Skyped, called, and emailed as much as possible.

Bella poked him in the ribs. “If we hug much longer, Twitter’s gonna explode with pics of your new girlfriend.”

 That was actually part of the plan……

“Anthony… I just don’t…” She sighed and ran a hand through her long hair. “He made his choice. He doesn’t want us in his life.” He could see the pain she was trying to hide. “He’s just gonna hate us if we show up. If he even remembers us.”

I’m not sure the plans the best one at this point because Edward seems to really hate Anthony.

Edward glared at the photo. Seeing his brother was one thing, but seeing him with the only girl Edward had ever loved was like a knife in the back.

Get a fucking grip, man. You know Anthony and Bella are close. At least he’d guessed they were. But the photo showed too much affection in Edward’s opinion.

 “What the fuck do you want, Ant?” Edward fastened his helmet and scowled. “You got some pair…” He muttered something else under his breath and shook his head.

 “I’m feeling the love, bro.” Anthony chuckled and leaned casually against a goal post. “You don’t call, you don’t write.”  “I’m here for the season. You’ll just have to deal.”

 “I’m trying.”

“I can see that.” Anthony smiled sarcastically, his temper flaring. “Bet that’s why our girl’s feeling so fucking welcome right now.”

 That hit the right spot, and Edward shot him a murderous glare. “You mention her one more fucking time and I’ll–“

 “And you’ll what?” Anthony got in Edward’s personal space, the two standing face-to-face at six foot two. “Tell me, Edward. What will you do?  Huh?”

Yeah, their teammates pick up on the “not so brotherly love” and take odds on when they’ll bash each other.   Add another little kink (HA! I said kink) in Anthony’s plan….

He kept his personal life to himself, because it was nobody’s business. As it was, only his ex-wife, parents, and daughter knew he was gay.

He’d briefly thought about the rumors concerning Anthony Masen’s sexuality, but he’d shot that down fast. While the man was incredibly handsome, he was also a playboy, fifteen years younger, and now he evidently had a girlfriend. Carlisle had no desire to delve into the mind of a might-be-gay-might-be-bi manwhore.

Like I said earlier, not your fatherly figure in this story!   But Edward and Bella have to face their issues as well.  It doesn’t go so good.

“Listen, Bella.” “Why did you come here?” It didn’t sound too hostile.

 She stared at him silently for a beat and folded her arms across her chest. “I honestly don’t know anymore. I guess I smoked whatever Anthony’s been hooked on lately.”

“What?” Edward narrowed his eyes.

Bella waved it off, suddenly looking tired. “He thought we could…I don’t know, be family again? Live on the same continent? Never mind.”

Edward couldn’t help it; he laughed. It was either that or screaming. “That’s…wow. And he thought getting together with my ex was the way to bring me home?”

 “Oh! I thought Anthony told you. It’s not really–“

“You know what?” Edward smiled, though it was anything but pleasant. “You don’t have to explain to me.” He took a few steps forward, unable to help himself. He was so goddamn drawn to her. “But I gotta admit I’m curious.” “Does he make you happy?” By now, he was basically towering over her and had backed her up against Emmett’s car.

 Bella exhaled shakily, and Edward had a feeling she wasn’t listening to his words. Her gaze flicked from his eyes to his mouth.

 She had to feel this. The heat, the connection. Edward sure as fuck felt it.

It was all Edward could take. Dipping down, he kissed her for the first time in seven years. He let out a low moan as Bella surrendered to the kiss, locking her arms around his neck. It encouraged him to take it further. His hands roamed her sides until they found her hips. A squeeze. I missed you, baby. His tongue slid along hers. I’ve been miserable.

“Wait,” Bella gasped, breaking the kiss.

 Jealousy burned like acid in his gut at the mere thought of Anthony kissing Bella like this, and he tore away, breathing like he’d run a marathon.

 “You can’t just–” Bella panted and placed a hand on her forehead. “I mean…Christ, Edward.”

 He tried to play it cool, even though the rejection stung like hell.

 “Sorry.” Edward ran a hand over his short hair and backed away. “That was, uh…disrespectful of me–” He smirked bitterly. “I know you’re fucking my other half these days.” Bella’s eyes flashed with the same fury Edward felt.  He shrugged. “It’s true, isn’t it?

“Besides, you’re with someone better now. Right? The upgrade–the Edward 2.0.”

 He’d barely gotten the words out before she closed the distance between them and slapped him hard across the face.

 “Don’t you ever compare yourself to Anthony again,” she seethed, tears of anger welling up. “You’re like night and day–hell, you’re worlds apart!”

As Bella stormed away, Edward stood there in silence, staring at the ground.

 I really do have a knack for screwing up.

Yes, Edward… you really do.   Speaking of screwing ups…… Anthony gets in a jam and Edward takes his back, so there must be hope for their relationship.   That is until Anthony “cheats” on Bella.

Reaching the back, Anthony was happy to find the alcove empty. It really wasn’t much, just four chairs, a table, and a setup on the wall for conference calls, but it was secluded. He pulled the curtains together and dumped his bag in one seat, then sat down in the next one by the window.

 He managed to pull up the tabletop so he could put his legs in the chair across from him. He had his iPad with him, so maybe he could see if Bella was online.

 But Bella wasn’t available.

 The curtain was pulled aside, and Anthony met Mr. Cullen’s confused expression.

“I apologize,” Mr. Cullen said.

 Anthony was no longer in the mood to watch a movie. Or to get some sleep. Especially not the latter.

 Carlisle could sense the tension in Anthony’s posture fading about an hour into the journey. Side-eyeing the younger man, he saw that Anthony was falling asleep, but it sure had taken a while for him to relax.

 Without moving around too much, Carlisle tucked away his laptop and tried to reach a blanket. But couldn’t. He’d have to wake up Anthony, so he faced the young man and indulged himself with a small touch, just his knuckles brushing Anthony’s stubbly cheek.

 “Anthony,” he said quietly, moving his hand from Anthony’s jaw to his shoulder. “Wake up.”

 “Mm…?” Anthony blinked drowsily. His brows furrowed, as if he was confused about where he was. His warm green eyes slid to Carlisle’s, and another slow blink. “Um. Shit.” He lifted his head, straightened in his seat, and pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

 “Any time,” Carlisle chuckled…

 Anthony was mirroring Carlisle, head tilted to face him better, and appeared embarrassed to get caught looking. Anthony’s eyes had widened; he looked frozen. Lips parted.

“You’re usually not this tongue-tied.” Carlisle held Anthony’s gaze while he reached up to press two fingers to the young man’s jaw, closing his mouth. Anthony swallowed hard in response. “One might wonder why you’re different with me.”

 Anthony opened his mouth to speak but snapped it shut once more. Opened it. “I, uh…I don’t wanna fuck up.”

Carlisle’s desire magnified at Anthony’s reaction to his light touch. “Come here,” he murmured.

 They both moved, and Carlisle slid his hand back to cup Anthony’s neck. Tilting his head, Carlisle closed the last distance and claimed Anthony’s mouth in a deep kiss.

 There was evidently no such thing as “easing into it.” Lips parted and tongues met, followed by greedy hands. Carlisle was making an effort to be careful with Anthony’s still-tender bottom lip, but the younger man wouldn’t have it. He pulled himself closer to Carlisle and pushed up the two armrests between them.

 Carlisle paused long enough to recline the chairs as much as possible, and then he made sure Anthony knew who was in charge.

 “Patience.” Carlisle smirked a little and sucked Anthony’s upper lip into his mouth, then claimed a thorough kiss that made them both dizzy with lust. But there was only so much Carlisle could take before he became impatient, too. “Touch me,” he commanded quietly, and Anthony’s hand flew to Carlisle’s crotch, palming the outline of his rigid cock.

 Carlisle sank lower in his seat and weaved his fingers through Anthony’s hair, grabbing a fistful. “Don’t tease me.”

Just a word of advice, at the end of this scene, you might want a tall glass of ice-cold water.

And this is pretty much where the story leaves off.  After Edward finds out, he’s not a happy camper.  I see some roughing and penalty shots from Edward coming Anthony’s way.    To find out what happened in their past, who ends up with who, and is they make it back to the NHL, you’ll have to go read Power Play! [debb: *runs*]


Don’t you hate it when one of your favorite fics ends?  Sometimes you just want more.  After reading Here in the Garden of Sin by o_oza, I hoped for a sequel.  I may have asked or mentioned it.  Then I looked in my inbox until tumbleweeds started to appear… (I kid, I kid).   After writing a few more fics in between, o_oza is bringing back Hoverward!!  Malice in the Garden is now on FanFiction.


Author Summary: Edward has spent his entire existence longing for one thing. When he finally gets it, his careful control starts slipping. It doesn’t matter to his savior, she’s dying either way. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. ExB/AU/OOC/Dark

Only one chapter is up so you have some time to re-read Here in the Garden of Sin.  Since I really love Vampward, I’m looking forward to how he deals with Bella in this new story!

Hope you have a great time watching the Olympics or  reading your favorite fic.

See ya next week.

Michelle and Deb

5 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: Young Pilgrims, Malice and Hockeywards Galore

  1. ooza says:

    Aww, thanks allthethings! You gals are the best. ♥


  2. eewee333 says:

    Awesome recs ladies. I have been re-reading Here in the Garden of Sin and I forgot how great it was. And I will be reading Young Pilgrims this weekend! 🙂


  3. abinar says:

    Young Pilgrims sounds so familiar. A few times lately I’ve started a fic and realized I already read it. Is that a sign of something? LOL (I don’t care, I’m not stopping.)


  4. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Great post! I’m reading Power Play and am loving it! And The Misapprehension of Bella Swan??? OMFG! That was one of the FUNNIEST stories EVAH! I was sad when she pulled it; all the newbies will miss a wonderful fanfic favorite. 😦 Oh, and thanks for adding to my TBR list AGAIN!


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