Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena (3/1)

a sat rewind 2

Welcome to Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena. Check out what caught our attention this past week and what we’re looking forward to…

Tamie: So…we finished up another book discussion Elena, and now it’s back to our Saturday rewind. I’m feeling a little bit rusty. LOL! One thing that I definitely made note of this past week was that filming had wrapped up on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Now we just have to wait another year to see it. Damn, Damn, Damn.

Elena: Exactly, Tamie. I so can’t wait for this movie! It feels like yesterday, though, that they started filming, doesn’t it? And now it’s already a wrap. Time passes so fast! I’m looking forward to seeing the first stills and clips from the movie! Can you imagine the squeeing that will ensue? I can already hear it.. 😉  Another thing that caught my attention this week was a post on J.A. Redmerski’s website: she posted the interview with the model who graces the cover of Song of The Fireflies. You can read it here. I found it to be a very interesting interview and, well, Matt Turner is definitely easy on the eyes…What do you think, Tamie?

Tamie: HA! You’re right Elena, the squeeing will be heard world wide…I’m quite sure I’ll be doing plenty of it myself 😉 I really do love that cover, and I agree that Matt is my kind of Eye Candy…super yummy!!! O…and the interview was pretty great too.

Elena: March will be an amazing month as far as new releases are concerned. Two fantastic novels will be released this week: Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken and Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting. We’re very excited about these new hot releases, right Tamie? 😉

Tamie: OMG! I am so excited to share my review of Clipped Wings on Monday. I have been dying to share it but have held off for the blog tour. We’ll also have a few more things for CW next week, including something super special from Helena. It’s gonna be awesome…just sayin’. You’ll be reviewing Toxic next Tuesday right? O…another big release in March is Twisted by Emma Chase.

Elena: Yes, on Tuesday I’ll post my review of Toxic for the blog tour. I’m a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken and Toxic is the follow-up to Ruin, a book we both loved so much.
Also Nina Lane, one of my  favorite Authors, announced that she’ll be at the Atlanta Author Occasion this August. You can register to the event by following the link on Nina Lane’s Facebook page. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! I love book signings where we have the chance to meet so many amazing authors!
And speaking of fantastic authors and great novels, most of the books we read are part of a series. It’s no big secret that the wait for the next instalment is often excruciating for us, especially if we love the series very much. This is a very funny article that talks about the agonizing stages of waiting for the next book to come out. I found myself relating to all the reactions described in the article. What about you?

Tamie: I couldn’t agree more about how hard it is for us to wait on sequels for books we love, and even tho I laffed while reading it? IT’S SO TRUE! The last thing I wanted to chat about this week is sex…in books I mean. I’ve always been very open about my appreciation for good erotica as long as the story is great, but I do have to say that there really is such a thing as TOO MUCH. Recently I read just such a book. There was a really good story in between all the sex, and it was well written, including the sex, but after a while I found myself skimming over the hot and heavy to get back to that story. Don’t ask me what it is because I’m not telling, and I won’t be reviewing it on the blog. Has this ever happened to you? Have you read a book that just had too much of a good thing?

Elena: Yes, it’s happened to me and when I come across this kind of stories, I don’t review them. Of course I appreciate sex scenes in novels, but there has to be something more in the story, you know? If it’s just sex or if there’s too much sex, it gets really boring really quickly. And kind of sad, if you ask me…The sex scenes must show how the characters feel about each other, the relationship they have, the passion…They must convey something. If it’s just a detailed description of what’s happening, with no emotion, no feeling, then I can’t get through them. To me sex must be a bonus to the story, not the whole point of the story, if that makes sense.

Tamie: That makes perfect sense to me! SO…yes to lots of hot sex if it’s well written, but doesn’t overshadow the story itself.

Thanks for joining us and as always feel free to comment about anything we’ve discussed, and let us know what bookish news got you all hot and bothered 😉

Tamie and Elena

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