5 Reasons to FLOVE Book Boyfriends!!!

I love talking about my book boyfriends and there are sooooooooooo many of them to talk about. They run the gamut in looks, ages, careers, mannerisms, lifestyles, etc. That in and of itself is one reason to love them. Variety is the spice of life you know…at least where book boyfriends are concerned.

Now let’s look at 5 other reasons…

1)  They don’t care if you’re dressed to the nines, or hanging out in your jammies with no makeup on. They think you’re beautiful no matter what and they don’t hesitate to let you know that. They like a woman with curves and are just fine with a little bit of junk in your trunk…more to squeeze, grip, grope and fondle.

2) They have a way with words. Whether it’s sweet talking or dirty talking the very best book boyfriends are never at a loss. They may not always say what you want to hear, but when they do…they do it right! They can melt your panties off one minute then melt your heart the next. Some are quick with the I love you’s while others make you wait for it, but eventually they will say those three magical words…and mean it.

3) Let’s talk about oral sex and book boyfriends. These guys are generous to a fault when it comes to doling out that particular pleasure. They enjoy doing it, and they do it well. They take their time, and they change things up…they lick, nibble, nip, tongue, kiss, blow on, suck…well you get the picture…they feast as if it were the yummiest dessert ever. Not that they don’t appreciate being on the receiving end mind you, but book boyfriends generally make sure you get yours…and often.

4) Sex in general is pretty much guaranteed to be mind-blowing with these guys, and the biggest reason is because they’re all about making sure that they take care of satisfying YOU. They’re always available and ready. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. Occasionally, they take their pleasure first, but they never fail to make sure you are well taken care of. Let’s not forget the endurance and stamina of these guys either. They can go hard and fast, or nice and slow, and when you’re really lucky sometimes you’ll get a combination. Once you’re finished…you may not be finished at all…book boyfriends are exceedingly generous and able to move onto round two, or three more often than not and pretty damn quickly too.

5) Besides loving you completely and giving you the best sex imaginable book boyfriends are quite protective. Some do it fiercely while others are a bit more subtle. Either way they have your back at all times. They won’t abide anyone mistreating you ever. Heaven help the poor fools who make the mistake of causing you pain in any way. Retribution will likely be swift, and may well be over the top, but hey…you’re worth it.

Hmmm…well that’s 5 but I’m not quite finished so just consider this a bonus 😉

Book boyfriends actually like to spend quality time with you whether it’s alone time at home, date nights, or hanging out with good friends. They are also pretty damn magnanimous when it comes to gift giving…sometimes it’s outrageously expensive and sometimes it’s very simple and heartfelt. Regardless, it’s just one more way to show you how much he cares.

So…did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments if I did 🙂

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to FLOVE Book Boyfriends!!!

  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I have so many book boyfriend t-shirts and I was thinking I felt a bit whore-ish. LOL Fun post.


  2. Lariza ramos says:

    So many book boyfriends to chose from I’m definitely a book whore lol!!


  3. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    You nailed it, Babe! (pun intended:)


  4. Keisha says:

    Agreed 150%!! Book boyfriends are the BEST, so yummy!


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