Elena Reviews: The Destiny of Violet and Luke by Jessica Sorensen

The Destiny cover

The synopsis:

Luke Price’s life has always been about order, control, and acting tough on the outside. For Luke, meaningless relationships are a distraction-a way to tune out the twisted memories of his childhood. He desperately wishes he could forget his past, but it haunts him no matter what he does.

Violet Hayes has had a rough life. When she was young, she was left with no family and the memory of her parents’ unsolved murders. She grew up in foster homes, living with irresponsible parents, drugs, and neglect, and trying to fight the painful memories of the night her parents were taken from her. But it’s hard to forget when she never got closure-and she can’t stop dreaming about what happened that tragic night. To make it through life, she keeps her distance from everyone and never allows herself to feel anything.

Then Violet meets Luke. The two clash instantly, yet they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Although they fight it, they both start to open up and feel things they’ve never felt before. They discover just how similar they are. But they also discover something else: The past always catches up with you . . .

My rating: 4 bright stars

4 stars

My review:

“It’s all about her. Every movement, every breath, the way my heart beats firecely inside my chest, is all because of her. Violet owns me.”

Jessica Sorensen is one of those Authors that never disappoints. Every time she announces she has a new book coming out, I squee from my excitement, because I know that each one of her books is going to be amazing.

And this is also the case of The Destiny of Violet and Luke. This installment is part of the Coincidence Series, but you don’t have to read the first two books before you pick up this one, because this is Luke and Violet’s story, not Callie and Kayden’s one.

In the Coincidence Series we were introduced to Luke as Kayden’s best friend, and we briefly saw Violet, Callie’s closed – off roommate. I would never have guessed their paths would have brought them so close together, but life takes unexpected turns and Luke and Violet find themselves thrust into the unexpected.

Luke and Violet are so different and so similar at the same time. Both had tough childhoods, both are trying to cope with pain and loneliness, both think their lives have been ruined and they have given up on any dream. Until they meet each other and understand that perhaps not everything’s lost…

“I want Violet more than I’ve ever wanted anyone. I want everything I’ve been avoiding since I turned sixteen and I no longer care that I’m not thinking just about myself.”

Jessica Sorensen is always able to elicit strong emotions in her readers and to make them really care about the characters. Luke and Violet are two people that have SO much baggage, and you want them to find hope and start living again. Which they do once they get together, even though the process won’t be easy. They both have huge secrets they tried to keep buried inside, but that are bound to resurface.

“Even though the odds are in my favor, doesn’t mean they’ll end up that way. First rule of cards. And of life.”

I loved the way Luke and Violet wanted to win each other’s trust first, before jumping into anything. And they do understand each other better than anyone else does. Luke warmed my heart when he discovered he can love and be loved and Violet is a girl who’s in strong need of love, something she knows little about.

The Destiny quote

There’s also a *huge* twist in the story, which I never expected, and it has a big impact on Luke and Violet’s life. The book ends with a cliffhanger, BUT the story continues in The Probability of Violet and Luke, which releases May 15.
I really recommend you add this book to your TBR list. Jessica Sorensen’s writing is something you need to experience.

**Complimentary copy given by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review**

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