Tantalizing Tuesdays: Afternoon “Brit” Delight – Robert Pattinson

Hello Tuesday! I hope everyone is doing great!

I don’t think I need more introductions nor words to describe my yummy eye candy for today. I mean, hello? Who doesn’t know Robert Pattinson!lol you can call me old school but yeah, I love this guy. I love Brit. I love mesmerizing eyes. I love guys with chiseled jaw. In short I love RP. Ok anyways, hold on to that thought…we do have some oggling time to do…












These are just a few of my favorite shots of this man.

I guess he will be forever Edward Cullen for me. Or do you have a better idea?  😉

x gel

13 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays: Afternoon “Brit” Delight – Robert Pattinson

  1. Holy orgasms!!! You know I love Rob more than I love my kids! Ha ha ha! No, I really do.


  2. Ana Dirtydraco says:

    Oh my Rob!!! Mr. Sex on legs, sex hair, jaw porn, fingers porn … I Love him


    • Marcie B says:

      Now lets be clear….I don’t know porn, but wow, do I know sizze hottie! But does he know about the Brit boy wonder that Alice Clayton so based on him??? Glad to know I’m not the only one who still thinks he’s great…and lovable.


  3. They couldn’t have picked anyone more perfect to embody Edward….he will forever be my fave! Thanks for all the luscious pics!


  4. Sheri Zee says:

    I LOVE Rob so much. So very, very, very much! And those pics…HOLY HELL!!!


  5. katiebirdie says:

    There’s my man. Oh how I adore him. You picked some great ones. Seriously he has lived at the top of my “free pass” list for years now. 🙂

    Yeah. He is Edward Cullen. No doubt.


  6. Michelle says:

    One word…….Perfection!!!!


  7. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Dayum! He is my perfect man. My orbital sockets are trying to recover from their many eyegasms! Thanks for the Rob porn! LOVE THIS MAN!


  8. Marcie B says:

    Maybe you all need to explain it to me, I thought porn was a bad thing, not the sacred, lingerie melting interactions between two peope who love (loovve) one another.

    Not mindless sex, right?! Cause you’ll have really confused me. And I do so like a man with humor, too!

    Thanks for the education, Katie, you are always amazing my unmet friend!!


  9. reneeaubin says:

    Holy crap, you published this 10 days ago? I’ve had it open on my laptop since then … I guess it took me this long to recover my wits enough to comment. I don’t quite understand what it is about Rob – I totally enjoy the other eye candy that y’all are kind enough to share with us. And plenty of other guys trigger the drooling reflex. But a good shot of Rob creates this seismic event in my brain (and elsewhere). Sigh. So thanks so much for featuring The Pretty. I enjoyed everyone else’s comments as well.


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