Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena (3/29)

Welcome to Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena. Check out what caught our attention this past week and what we’re looking forward to…

Elena: Today I’d like to start by talking about a good cause: several authors, and among them Sylvain Reynard, will participate in a fundraiser for an eight month old child who has cancer. Because of the location of the cancer, it’s possible this baby girl won’t be able to walk. If you want to donate a gift to the fundraiser you can email Enn Bocci at You can find out more on Sylvain Reynard’s Facebook page. Cancer sucks. Even more so when it affects a child. So, please, give.

Tamie: We encourage all of you to get involved if you can, and we’ll update you as we know more. Speaking of SR…he wrote another post on writing tips this week, and this one includes sex. Yup…you heard me right. You can visit his website by clicking here to read it. He’s been a pretty busy guy this week. If you follow him on twitter, and I encourage you to if you aren’t…he’s sharing little teasers regarding, The Raven as he writes it. He’s been running the rooftops of Florence, going to secret clubs, and watching a police investigation. Not that I needed any help in the anticipation department where this book is concerned, but HOLY CRAP!! He’s definitely adding to it, and I’m loving it!!! Elena has something special coming up with him this Thursday too.

Elena: Oh yes.  Gabriel’s Redemption releases here in Italy on April 3, and I’m so happy, you guys. Seeing this series translated into Italian is wonderful to me personally, so on Thursday I’ll share my interview with SR…And like you, Tamie, I can’t wait for The Raven! It will be another huge success, I’m sure 🙂

Tamie: Some amazing news from Jodi Ellen Malpas was released this week. Forever Romance/Grand Central Publishing announced the acquisition of a new trilogy from Jodi. You can read the press release we got here . I’m so excited about a new trilogy from one of my favorite authors!!!

Elena: Tammara Webber revealed another hot teaser from Breakable! You can read it here: We’ll have this book in our hands in six weeks! I can’t wait! Also, new book signings were announced this week: Nina Lane will be signing books at the Chicago Author Event and Beatriz Williams will be in Atlanta at the FoxTale bookstore. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities, guys! I wish I could go!

Tamie: These teasers are killing me Elena. Holy hotness!!! I wish I could attend the signing going on today in San Francisco. TONS of our favorite authors are participating in AUTHORS ON THE BAY. If any of our readers are there I invite you to send pictures and tell us all about it.

Tomorrow we’ll be revealing our Spring book club choice, and Elena and I are so excited about discussing this book with each other and YOU!

Elena: Yes, we’re very excited to discuss this special book with you all 😉

Make it a great day wherever you are!

Tamie and Elena


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