Clipped Wings Discussion Schedule + AWESOME SURPRISES!

Besides the schedule for our discussion of Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting, we have a couple of awesome surprises for you…

First the schedule:

April 13th- Chapters 1-6

April 20th- Chapters 7-12

April 27th- Chapters 13-16

May 4th- Chapters 17-20

May 11th- Chapters 21-26

May 18th- Chapters 27-34

Normally the posts will be published in the afternoon. You’re welcome to join in the discussions at any time.  You can discuss one or all the questions we pose…it’s up to you, but we welcome your thoughts and hope lots of you will participate.

Now for those surprises…

First-  Helena and Simon and Schuster have graciously offered a giveaway of THREE SIGNED copies of Clipped Wings to kick things off.

You can enter the rafflecopter contest here. But wait…there’s more!

Midway through the 6 week run there will be another giveaway for two more signed copies of Clipped Wings. OOOO, and last but not least… for the finale there will be one last giveaway for a signed copy of Clipped Wings AND a signed copy of the sequel, Inked Armor which releases on May 13th. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Second- Helena has offered to answer some questions each week. Here’s how that’s going to work. If you want to ask her a question about Hayden, Tenley or anything else related to Clipped Wings, or if you have a general question about her writing process you can ask it in the comments section after each discussion, or you can email questions to bktemptations@gmail. com We’ll choose a few to send to Helena and then we’ll post the answers at the end of the next discussion post. For questions to be considered they must be submitted by Wednesdays at 5PM EST. They must follow the above guidelines and NO personal questions. Since our first chapters begin next week you can begin asking today! I know, I know…Cool right?!?

Now…go enter the giveaway and think of some great questions!!!

Tamie and Elena


8 thoughts on “Clipped Wings Discussion Schedule + AWESOME SURPRISES!

  1. Ana Dirtdydraco says:

    The giveaway, is open worldwide? please, please say yes :)))


  2. Marcie B says:

    Love how you fill my reading world with great new authors!


  3. shay @slim_shaydy_ says:

    Is any here planing to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, La?


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