Musing Monday’s: Putting the Feels Back Into Reading, and the M Word

Musing Mondays is hosted by Should Be reading. This week I have a rant to share because recently I was exposed to a series of conversations where an author was rather brutally attacked for a particular aspect of their story…

The attack wasn’t by a reviewer/blogger…tho I’ve seen that often enough as well. No…this was by a reader who wanted to dissect the story to death. Hey…I’m all about people discussing what they like or don’t like about a story, a character, the particular way an author writes, etc. but it seems to me that too often lately I see readers who have forgotten something I personally consider crucial to my connection with a book…the feelings it evokes.

If an author is writing humor I want to be laughing, or at least smiling. If a scene is especially sad then I want to feel the devastation the character is experiencing even if that means I’m actually honest to God crying. I want to feel ALL the feels. If an author can do that for me while telling a good story?!? That’s what it’s all about for me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it…if you don’t like a story, hate the characters, hate the writing style that’s fine. Quit reading it. Don’t recommend it. Don’t continue reading the series and attacking the author, or the readers who did love it. Move on and find a book you actually enjoy.

Now about that M word. It’s a word that I’ve seen thrown about a lot lately in connection with some characters that I would label uber alpha. Have you guessed it yet? It’s misogynist, and I have to wonder if the people who use it truly understand what it means. Just in case let’s look at the definition. A misogynist is: One who hates women. Of or characterized by a hatred of women. Now alpha characters may infuriate some with their over protectiveness, and yes they can be arrogant assbites too, but c’mon that doesn’t mean they hate women.

I happen to love the uber alpha’s, and I have no problem in admitting that. Is it someone who would appeal to me in real life circumstances? Probably not…but that’s just it…it’s FICTION I’m reading. If that isn’t the type of guy you like in your books then don’t keep reading and complaining about them. If what floats your boat is a nice average Joe rather than a larger than life type of guy that’s great…but don’t condemn others and what they enjoy reading just because it’s different than what you prefer. There are plenty of books for everyone to love.

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “Musing Monday’s: Putting the Feels Back Into Reading, and the M Word

  1. Lee Orlando says:

    Over used and incorrect label in some reviews. Agree and concur.


  2. I couldn’t agree more… I personally dislike reading negative reviews when they’re based on the writer’s personal choice of book, I.e “I didn’t like this book because I hate weak heroines” etc. If you don’t like weak heroines, for example, read something with a strong woman. Don’t talk negatively about a book where the author WANTED a weak heroine! Concentrate on the style, on the narrative, on the ACTUAL story.

    Sorry, guess I ranted too! Haha

    In conclusion, I agree. Those of you who don’t like a book, move on and find another one. This one was obviously not for you.


  3. katiebird says:

    An author that evoke all of the emotions, good and bad, makes for a great book. I willingly admit that. If I don’t like the characters by the end, then that’s my problem not the author’s.

    Great post!! xxoo


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