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Erotic Contemporary Romance – 18+ for descriptive love scenes and language.

Sparks Fly … Lines Blur… and Hearts Break

Alexander Avery is rich, powerful and the sexiest man Angeline Hemming has ever laid eyes on: a man like every woman dreams about. Angel is not immune to his sensual and ruthless pursuit, and Alex is intoxicated by the beautiful doctor; overwhelmed with desire like he’s never known.

As the profiling case Angel is working on gets more and more dangerous, Alex finds himself filled with unfamiliar panic and emotional turmoil; his need to protect her goes against Angel’s adamant insistence that she doesn’t need his help. He isn’t a man to sit on the sidelines when the woman he’s obsessed with is threatened, so he takes control to protect her without telling her of his plans.

Angel’s fortitude is shaken when her stalker invades not only her personal life but also those close to her… even when that someone is powerful and seemingly untouchable. Professional ethics insist she keep the details or her work away from her lover, even as their newfound closeness has her yearning to confide in him. But, as Angel’s quest to protect her heart from Alex’s undeniable pull equals her need to keep him out of a dangerous situation, circumstances dictate a huge decision; which could have detrimental, and irreversible consequences for them both.

When danger threatens and jealousy reaches the boiling point, lies will be told and secrets kept… Even with the best intentions and the most undeniable connection … the deepest of loves will be tested.


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MY RATING: 5 stars






“In this man’s arms, she found solace and ecstasy like she’d never known. In this man’s arms, she wanted to give like she never had before.”

Confessions After Dark, book 2 in the After Dark series, is as addictive as the first one was. Alex and Angel’s story gets more intense, more passionate and a whole lot more suspensful…

In the first book we met Angel and Alex as two individuals who wroke havoc in each other’s lives. Now they have to deal with the feelings they are nurturing for one another as well as with people that threaten not only their relationship but also their lives… What are you ready to do when the person you love is put in jeopardy?

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