Fan Fiction Friday: It’s Spanglemaker Day!!


It’s Spanglemaker day here at Bookish Temptations. We are so excited for Amanda Weaver. She just published an amazing book called Always, but we’ve been HUGE fans of her writing for years. All of the girls want to talk about our favorite fan fic stories from Spanglemaker.

We’ve got something for everyone, because she is one talented writer…

Debb’s up first…

The End is the Beginning


katniss and peeta



Author Summary: Post-Mockingjay/ pre-epilogue. An expansion of Katniss and Peeta rediscovering each other.

I love Spanglemaker’s one-shots, especially Gilded which was written for the Age of Edward contest. I don’t usually stray far from Twilight fan fiction, perhaps the odd Sherlock, Marvel or Pride and Prejudice fic. The exception is The Hunger Games fic; I read everything that crosses my path and this moving story is one of my absolute favourites. The end of Mockingjay was…abrupt. I know I needed more, felt a real need to check in on Katniss and Peeta. This one-shot fills that gap beautifully.


So every day, after our meal, we spread out on my kitchen table. I write and Peeta draws. We put it all down, everything we can remember about District 12; the people, the events, starting with our earliest memories and working forward. It absorbs us, and I realize that this helps Peeta as much as it helps me. Getting lost in our memories of District 12 helps him to tell the real from the not real better than any therapy or treatment they devised back in 13. While we work, he hardly ever asks me if something is real or not real. This much he knows is true. These are the memories the Capitol couldn’t touch.

He finds me again in those memories. The me of the burnt bread and the dandelions. I can almost see it happen in his eyes. I watch his shoulders relax day by day. I see his smile come quicker and last longer. He starts to look more and more like the Peeta I knew in our first Games and less like the haunted shell returned to me in 13.

*dabs eyes* I ache for these guys. Spanglemaker really does the characters and readers justice; Katniss’s voice is spot-on and THG world perfectly drawn. The slow reunion of Katniss and Peeta builds a sense of hope after, let’s face it, the utter despair that was Mockingjay. I’m so very glad that Spanglemaker decided to try her hand with these characters. This story is a gem. [KB: I loved this one-shot too. I read it awhile ago.* grabbing tissue also*]


Michelle is up!

When Annie, Debb, KB, and I started to decide which of spangly’s fics to fangirl over, it could have turned into a girl fight.  I kid, I kid.  Annie was ready to review all of them… KB and I went to the mat over Faking It…. but I made darn sure I got my ABBA groove on with Waterloo.

Up first is Faking It.

OMG, how I loved that fic.  Originally posted in 2009, Faking It is what I consider a classic, back in the day, MUST read fic.

Faking it

Summary: Half of Hollywood’s most famous couples are faking it. That’s how Bella Swan’s publicist convinces her to pretend to date troubled Hollywood bad boy Edward Cullen. And she’ll do anything for her band and her music.

You get BPOV and EPOV from start to finish.   You get the highs and lows from a cocky, self-centered Edward who is dealing with a less-than-impressed up-and-coming Bella.  She does not take his attitude.  You’ll love how Bella knocks him down a peg and builds him up all at the same time.  You’ll also want to knock some sense into Edward.  {SLAP}

Faking It has it all covered:  Sarcasm, wit, sweetness, drama, SCHMEXY, and one of the best epilogues out there!

Next, Waterloo [Deb: *starts singing*]

Waterloo banner

Summary: I was defeated; you won the war. But how could I ever refuse? I feel like I win when I lose. Bella hates Edward‚ maybe. Written for The Faithful Shipper’s Abba One Shot Contest.

It never, ever, ever fails.  Each time I re-read Waterloo, I want to dig out my cassette tape (yeah, I said cassette) and jam to ABBA on my BOOM-BOX.  (Picture me as Lloyd Dobler)

Banter… it’s all about the banter in Waterloo.  Spangly’s Bella and Edward go head to head with the wars of words in this story.  Originally an o/s contest entry, Spangly expanded it to a five-chapter story.  Lucky us!

I hate Edward Cullen

It was a completely irrational, juvenile response, I knew that. I should have just risen above it and refused to let him get under my skin. I was a smart woman; I shouldn’t have let that shallow, irritating, pretty-boy get to me. I knew all of this and still I couldn’t help it. He drove me totally and completely crazy, and he had from the minute we met.

And he absolutely knew it.

Working late in the library on her thesis, Bella needs a certain book….

“Hey, there’s a book I’m looking for and it’s not on the shelves. Could you take a peek and tell me if it’s checked out or just misplaced?”

“Oh,” Angela finally said, “it’s checked out.”

“Checked out? Who would want it? Can you tell who has it?”

“Yeah, hang on…um, Edward Cullen.”

That fucker.

Poor Bella.  Now she has to talk to her nemesis.   I’m thinking she’s a bit clueless when it comes to Eddie boy.

 “Listen, you shouldn’t wait outside alone at this time of night. I’ll drive you home.”

I gave a short, sharp laugh. “Don’t worry about it, Cullen. I’m a big girl.”

“Yeah, no doubt about that, but you’re still not standing out at the bus stop. Get your stuff. Let’s go.”

“Quit ordering me around!”

“Whatever!” he said on an exhale, throwing his hands up in frustration. “Will you just come get in the car and let me drive you home?”

“Fine, fine! You’re so bossy!

“And you’re so prickly!”


“So eloquent, Cullen.”

“Shut it, Swan.”

“You don’t have a…um, a boyfriend or anything? You know, somebody to do stuff with?”

“Cullen, you’ve known me for two years and you see how much time I spend at the library. Where would I fit in a boyfriend? I’m delighted that your time management skills allow you to squeeze in an army of hot little underclassmen, but we’re not all as…ahem, talented as you.”

He turned his head to scowl at me and I just smiled back.

Just know, these two get their act together.  And yes, Bella is defeated.  Cullen won the war! [Deb: I’d let Edward defeat me anytime…wouldn’t even put up a fight 😉 ] You can read previous reviews of Waterloo HERE and HERE.

So, whatever you have on your read list, make sure you add each and all of Spanglemake9’s fics to your list.

And go check out her new book, Always.


And now Miss Annie

*Voiceover* Today, on a very special Fanfic Friday… (Note: I am very tired right now, so if I start getting goofy, well, more entertainment for you I guess.) Ahem. Today is a special day for me because we’re spotlighting one of my all time fave fic authors, Spanglemaker9 . *Kermit the frog flaily cheer* Yaaay!!  Spanglemaker9 is aka Amanda Weaver and has published her first novel this week. So exciting! You can read a fun, fangirly review of Always HERE.

I’m not sure which of her stories I read first but I do know which one I have read the most, It Happened One Night. I was shocked, SHOCKED that I had never rec’d this on Fanfic Friday. WTH? This is my go to fic when I just want to forget real life and read something sexy but not too angsty and still romantic. [Deb: SOLD!]

Gratuitous photo of Robert Pattinson

Gratuitous photo of Robert Pattinson

Summary: Just one night, just for fun, no strings and no expectations. Simple things never stay that way.

The story is told from Edward’s POV (really, that’s all I should have to say), this Edward reminds me a bit of Tyler in Remember Me. He has a troubled relationship with his father, is somewhat directionless in life, and works in a bookstore. Fine, I will picture Robert Pattinson circa 2009 if I must. (Torture!) One night, out with his roommate Jasper, Edward chats up the “Cute Brunette” bartender and, although it’s not his usual thing, tries to get her to go home with him.

Excerpt from chapter 1:

 “So what time are you done tonight?”

“Why do you want to know?”

I laugh. “Why the hell do you think?”

She sets a fresh drink in front of me. “I think you’re getting way too far ahead of yourself.”

I hold my hands up in front of me. “Hey, I’d just like a chance to introduce myself, since according to you, this doesn’t count and we’re still strangers.”

She ignores my attempt at a joke and keeps on. “So you’re just going to hang out here until closing and follow me home or some shit? You know my dad’s a cop, right?”

“I didn’t know that, but all your ninja fighting skills make more sense now. I’m just going to hang out here and talk to you. I won’t go anywhere I’m not invited.”

“You won’t be.”

“Why are you so sure?”

“Why are you so sure?”

“I’m not sure. I’m optimistic. There’s a difference.”

Bella shakes her head and wipes down the bar, which seems like some sort of automatic reflex for her when she’s nervous. “I have no idea why you’d feel optimistic.”

I lean forward on my elbows. She’s caught off-guard and doesn’t immediately back up. “It’s simple. I’m attracted to you. A lot. And I’m pretty sure you’re attracted to me, too.”

She blinks once, barely breathing. Then, without a word, she turns and stalks off down the bar. I curse under my breath. That was a total failure. I mean, she’s attracted to me, I’ve figured that much out, but Jasper’s right; her defenses are dug in deep. At this point, though, I’ve spent most of my night sitting at this bar flirting with her. My only alternative is to give up and go home, which is unappealing. So I’ll sit and wait til closing.

They each try to keep their relationship “just sex”, but you know how feelings tend to happen. Neither one of these two handles them particularly well at first, but maybe they’ll work it out. *wink*

Cryptic, non-spoilery list of my favorite parts: Their first kiss (slow burn to the max), “when I lay my weight on her.” (unf) [Deb: *howls*], When he signs the card (Aw.), the fight in the street (Ooh!), when she gets to the hospital (Eep.), making out in the stacks (guh). [KB: Love sex scenes in bookstores/libraries….Every. Single. Time.]

Seriously I’ve read it like, 20 times. For real. Don’t judge.


She has written several great one shots, my favorite is an entry to the Missed Connections contest, Two Words .

Edward and Bella meet briefly on the NYC subway but but she gives him a note instead of her number.  He takes the note to heart but still needs to find her. This story is all kinds of adorable. It’s also Edward’s POV. Enough said.

Other one-shots I highly recommend are Gilded, and Spirit of ’76.

They won’t let me rec all her fics, meanies, so I’ll just leave this here for no reason.



Katie’s turn…

I want to talk about Girl With a Red Umbrella because it’s the first thing I read from Spanglemaker. I loved the political aspect of the story and the location.


banner by Zingster

banner by Zingster

Author’s summary: Co-Written with justaskalice. Paris, 1950. Rosalie Hale went to Paris to study, than vanished without a trace. Her friend Bella has to come find her. Following a trail of clues left behind by Rose’s letters, Bella searches for Rose, and might find herself. 

Edward is an artist that falls in the love with Bella from a distance with he sees her standing in the rain one day. I still remember an amazing love scene in an attic with rain falling on the windows above them. *goosebumps*

Of course, I HAVE to mention Dog Star. The one AU story she wrote. I loved it and reviewed it here.


Banner by TallulahBelle

Banner by TallulahBelle


Author’s summary: One choice is made and everything changes. Paths diverge, lead astray, and still lead home. AU.

Edward and Bella do meet that fateful day in Biology class, but when Edward runs away to Alaska, he decides to stay with Tanya and her family for three years. Bella can’t forget their strange first encounter, but moves on with her life. Alice doesn’t really make friends with Bella, until when they end up in the same English Literature classes at University of Washington. Spangle writes a great canon Edward, but she expands on details in the original story as well. Edward only stays around the second time for Alice, trying to focus on what Carlisle taught him in the past, about seeing Bella as not a human with blood that calls to him, but a person with a family and friends. There are two things about this story that I loved. This Bella is smart and picks up on things that even I didn’t notice before and Riley plays a bigger role in this one. Picturing Xavier Samuel in my head wasn’t too bad either.

Since I have this thing for libraries, here’s an excerpt:

“You’re lucky to have a big family. I always wished I had brothers and sisters.”

Edward nodded in agreement. “I am lucky to have them.”

Bella sighed and made a little sound in the back of her throat, something soft and high.

Edward told himself not to take the step forward that his body wanted to. He was close enough already. Her scent was drowning him in this closed, dark room. His stomach was cramping with the desire to—what, exactly?

Bite, of course. That was always there. Her hair was swept back over her shoulders and he couldn’t keep his eyes from flickering to the pale curve of her neck, the tiny, fluttering pulse he could almost see under her skin.

But there was something else. Some other urge was propelling him forward, making him want to step into her personal space, to get close enough to feel her body heat. And this urge had very little to do with how her blood would taste.

He wanted to reach out and put a hand on her, just there on the small of her back where it curved in so tiny. He wondered what she’d do, if she’d jump or scream at his touch. Then he reminded himself that it didn’t matter because he couldn’t do it, for a thousand different reasons.


So Spanglemaker is the bomb…. [Deb: she sure is…]


Well there you go! Got a favourite Spanglemaker story? Share it in the comments and tell us what you’ve been reading lately. Already a Spangly fangirl? Treat yourself to her new novel Always. Have a lovely weekend. xo


8 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: It’s Spanglemaker Day!!

  1. loooove the storys are awesome!!


  2. Fangirls fangirling is right…SpangleMaker had me at Two Words…owned me at The Art Teacher…I feel sooooo damn lucky to have been privy to this amazing authors writing…Congrats Spangle, now the whole world can see what we already knew…lady you can write…xoxo


  3. You forgot one of my favorites: The Wedding Party. The amazing facets that SpangleMaker adds to her stories are always brilliant! Outside of the Twi-dom I appreciate how she finds a story that needs better closure (like the Hunger Games and Just One Day) and gives us just what we need. I hope like hell she’s read the Divergent Trilogy, because we need her input there 🙂 I’ve read “Always” 2 times already and hope she has a long writing career ahead of her! I also really liked that she thanks her “online community – you know who you are” in her credits. She is a treasure.


  4. abinar says:

    Hello? Hey no one untied me yet. Helloooo?!


  5. reneeaubin says:

    Hello, ladies. I so enjoy your Fanfic Fridays … you guys are like a party in a blog. Thanks especially for highlighting Spanglemaker – I must be the last person in the fandom to have never read her, partly because I’m sure that once I pop that seal I’ll have to read them ALL. You have definitely motivated me to move her up on my TBR list!
    One quibble, however: that little label ‘Gratuitous photo of Robert Pattinson’. I looked up “gratuitous”, just to be sure I wasn’t misinformed, and the synonyms listed included “unwarranted”, “unnecessary”, “wanton”, and “unjustified”. Well, maybe wanton, but that’s not a bad thing … so let me just affirm that there is no such thing as an “unjustified” photo of Rob. The Pretty is his own justification.


    • deb24601 says:

      LOL!! You’re absolutely right, photos of Rob are never gratuitous! We’re so glad you like Fanfic Fridays, thanks for compliment. 🙂 We have a blast putting the posts together. xo


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