Musing Mondays: AUTHORS! This one is for YOU!!!

I was having a hard time coming up with a topic for this week’s Musing Mondays, and then I asked a couple of authors this question.

If you could ask a blogger one question…what would it be? 

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Exclusive Cover Reveals: The Affair by Beth Kery

Today we’re taking part in a unique set of cover reveals with one other blog. The covers are for an eight part serial, The Affair by Beth Kery, and the other blog taking part is Heroes and Heartbreakers. They have covers 1-4 and Bookish Temptations has 5-8.

Week 1 of Beth Kery’s The Affair  will be available in September. Check back for more updates as we get them!

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Man Candy Monday: Hot Men in Uniforms!!!

Don’t ask me where the inspiration for this one came from because I couldn’t tell ya. It hit my brain…I looked up pictures…saw some seriously hot guys and went with it…

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