Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena (5/3)

Welcome to Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena. Check out what caught our attention this past week and what we’re looking forward to… 

Elena: Monster in His Eyes, book 1 of the new duology by JM Darhower, was released this week. I can’t stop raving about this book, and I highly recommend you read it. You can find Gel’s beautiful Illustrated Temptations HERE  and my review HERE. You can purchase the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We can’t wait for Torture in Her Soul now, the second instalment of this series! 😉

Elena: Colleen Hoover has a new book coming out August 5th and it’s Ugly Love. There’s also a contest: Like THIS picture on FB, Twitter or Instagram to be entered to win a paperback ARC of Ugly Love. I love these kinds of giveaways!

Also, chapter 1 of Inked Armor by Helena Hunting can be read on wattpad. Click HERE to check it out. We can’t wait for this book to come out so everybody can read it!

Tamie: Colleen is one of my go to authors…if she writes it I will read it, so I’m really looking forward to reading Ugly Love!

As for Helena, what can I say? She became an instant favorite for me, and I’m so excited to share some other news from her. She’s written a novella called, Between the Cracks. I’ve had the opportunity to read it and of course it’s fabulous. We’ll have the cover reveal on Monday and it’s going to be available on several sites for FREE!

Also, tomorrow we’ll have the second of the three giveaways from Helena. Details will be in our discussion post for Clipped Wings.

Coming  next week MOG and Jennifer Locklear will have a big announcement to share so make sure you follow them on twitter and on their website. Also, we’ll be sharing something very special from them…soonish.

Carol Oates wrote a very interesting piece relating to the book world and reviews. You can check it out here

My last piece of news this week is something both Elena and I are so happy to get to share with you. We had the pleasure of interviewing Tammara Webber. As you know Breakable is releasing this coming Tuesday, May 6th, and I’m looking forward to all of you being able to read it. I’ll be reviewing it this week and our interview with Tammara will post on Friday morning. You won’t want to miss it!

Have a great Saturday!

Tamie and Elena

One thought on “Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena (5/3)

  1. katiebird says:

    Excited about Between the Cracks!! 🙂


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