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WFY coverThe synopsis:

For years, Karise McAlister has been running: from her family, from herself, and from her dreams. Now she’s made it, with a successful career and a promising engagement. But when she meets the compelling and creative Aidan Donnelly, his down-to-earth charm provides the wakeup call Karise badly needs. Moving across country to start over, Karise devotes herself to her work, convinced she needs to be independent. But with handsome Aidan just down the road and a mischievous group of friends determined to set her up, Karise must face her concerns about life and romance head-on.







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**The book releases May 7**

My rating: 4 bright stars

4 stars

My review:

“He was so special, so real. She couldn’t believe the way she felt. This love was meant for the two of them and no other.”

Every time Heather Huffman  has a book coming out, I know it will be a winner for me. I’ve read several book by this author, and I’ve always found them compelling, very enjoyable and with themes worth pondering on. Waiting For You is no different.

It’s a story where the characters take centre stage, and it’s a sweet romance where love is unexpectedly found, friendships are cherished, and a journey of self discovery is undertaken.

Karise McAlister is a character that became very dear to me almost immediately. Like any other female character written by Heather Huffman, she’s a strong woman who holds her own in the story. But she also has a hidden vulnerability that’s very endearing and that can reflect our own fragilities. She’s also very sweet and humorous and I loved how she interacted with the people around her. When she meets Aidan Donnelly her world and life take an unexpected turn, in several ways…

“I’m supposed to be here for moral support and I, well, all I could think about just now was pulling you on my lap and making love to you right there in the tub.”

And oh Aidan…He grabbed my attention as soon as Karise’s eyes met his. He’s incredibly handsome and alluring, the kind of character that stirs butterflies in your stomach and whose pull is irresistible. He’s an amazing man, who cherishes Karise dearly. Through his love, he’ll make her look into her soul and discover many aspects of herself that she didn’t know existed until that moment…

” ‘I love you.’
‘I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that,’ she smiled.
‘Good, because I’m never going to tire of saying it.’ He returned the smile, his eyes drinking in her face one more time. “

I was also very excited to see again some characters we met in previous books by Heather, and I was particularly happy to read more about Devon McAlister. I’ve had a crush on him since I read Roses in Ecuador and his interactions with Karise, who is his half-sister, warmed my heart. Characters of great importance are also Kate and Gavin, who are one of the most amazing couples I’ve read about and that have a way of setting things up…You’ll know what I mean when you’ll read the book. 😉

As always, the dialogue is impeccable — it reflects the characters’ personalities and it offers insight into them. The words between Karise and Aidan are very sweet and enjoyable, words that make you happy sigh page after page…;)

“Every day is an adventure with you, love.”

I really enjoyed Waiting For You and I highly recommend it, especially to those who love a heartwarming romance and character-driven novels. I can’t wait to see what Heather has in store for us next.

**Complimentary copy given by Sophie Weeks of Booktrope for an honest review. The quotes come from that copy.**

Tomorrow we’ll be participating in the release day party for Waiting For You and we’ll have something special for you to enjoy. 🙂

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