Illustrated Temptations: Beautiful turns Wild (Christina Lauren)


Tell me, who doesn’t know, or haven’t read or even heard about the Beautiful Series by these two awesome author–Christina Lauren… Well you are totally missing A LOT.

This post is simply my way of preparing you and myself for my next Wednesday’s Illustrations.  Christina Lauren also known as the “BB Girls” will be releasing their Book 1 of the Wild Seasons on May 13 called Sweet Filthy Boy. I CAN’T wait for you peeps to meet Ansel. *swoon*

For now, let’s reminisce how amazingly awesome the Beautiful series has been and let’s not forget about these wonderful characters.

Beautiful Bastard


Beautiful Stranger


Beautiful Bitch


Beautiful Bombshell


Beautiful Player


Beautiful Beginning


Wooot! And now, a tidbit from Sweet Filthy Boy-don’t forget, release day on May 13, 2014 DON’T MISS IT! One-click for pre-order now!!!;)


x gel

One thought on “Illustrated Temptations: Beautiful turns Wild (Christina Lauren)

  1. mlynpeters says:

    One of my top series reads EVER!!!!!!! Love the BB Girls!


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