Booking Through Thursday: Favorite?!?

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Do you have a favorite book? What do you say when people ask you? (This question always flummoxes me because how can you pick just one, so I’m eager to hear what you folks have to say.)

And, has your favorite book changed over the years??  

I don’t often get asked what my most favorite book is, and honestly I have so many that I consider favorites that I couldn’t ever just pick one book. So my answer would depend on whether someone was looking for a great book recommendation, or really wanted to know if I held one book above all others.

If it’s a book rec. peeps are wanting I can recite off a list of those that have moved/touched me in some special way. Usually, I try and talk about my more recent reads, but it’s hard not to include forever favorites in the list if they haven’t yet read them. Just because a book isn’t new doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hold it’s value as an exceptional story to pass on to others.

If someone is really wanting to pin me down to just one? It’s just not gonna happen folks. I could no more name ONE favorite book than I could name which of my children is my favorite. They are each unique and valuable to me.

I add new favorites all the time…because I read…all the time.

What about you? Can you list just one book as your absolute favorite? If so let me know…I want to read it too 😉

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Favorite?!?

  1. Karen says:

    I have different favourites for different genre but generally, I will always say To Kill A Mocking Bird is my all time favourite but then I love a book called The God of Small Things too. I am just a book junkie and could wax lyrical forever about books that moved me, even the books I read to the kids!


  2. mothergolf says:

    I loved the Poughkeepsie series by Debra Anastasia, and also the English Rose, The Tea Rose and the Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnley


  3. Mary Jo Toth says:

    That is a hard question since I have found so many books that I love. One that makes me laugh and swoon is Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison – it features a dragon which isn’t my usual style but something about this book works for me and I can re-read it any time. Over the past year I fell in love with Easy, the Thoughtless series, the This Man series (ah Jesse), Drew and Fable from Monica Murphy (One Week Girlfriend, Second Chance Boyfriend), I found Red Phoenix and her Brie series and got really educated but in a beautiful way about BDSM – I really didn’t expect to get pulled into this series but I love it, Red Phoenix also has a few short stories that will blow you away – In 9 Days and 9 Days and Counting, And Then He Saved Me. It’s a great time to be a reader, I find new hidden gems every week. Oh, R.S. Grey With This Heart. I could go on but I will stop. Several of these books I found through this website … totally loving Clipped Wings right now! Thanks!!


  4. Nickie says:

    I love the Crossfire series with Gideon and Eva. I also love 50 Shades of Grey series. Have read them many times.


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