Teaching Willow: Session Four by Paige James




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Session One:
~ “Willow,” he says quietly. It’s amazing what one word, two short syllables can do to my insides. In my name, I hear so much, so much that has to be my imagination. I’m not the one he wants. Sage is. But if he did…oh god, if he did…

Session Two:
~I love everything about Ebon—the way he likes to look at me, the way he can’t seem to get enough of me, the way he nearly loses control with me—because I love Ebon.

Session Three:
~Willow. Tonight, I’m going to devour Willow. And she’s going to let me. This I know. All roads have led to here. To her. As much as I’ve tried to fight it, this was inevitable. She was inevitable.


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