Fan Fiction Friday: Guest Post with Lucia!!

Happy Fan Fic Friday!! We are so happy and lucky to have Lucia with us this week. When I asked her to share with us what she has been reading lately, she didn’t hesitate. I always love that about her. I love her reviews and follow her on Goodreads.

Let’s check out what she has to say, after the break…

It has been a long time since I reviewed a fanfic story. Either I lost interest along the way and never finish it or it was mediocare/ordinary and I had nothing special to write about. Until this story:


Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips banner


Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips by Hoodfabulous

Summary: Bella can’t stand Edward Cullen. She hates his tattoos, his piercings, and his stupid band. But mostly she hates how badly she wants him. He hates her too…or so she thinks. Will one iPhone fail change everything?

Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips started as entry LOL Text Message Contest. It won and the author decided to continue writing. Or better said, she went back in time story-wise and told us how it all started. And I am really glad she did so.

All “past” chapters are written in Bella’s POV. Once story reached “present” day, author switched to Edward ‘s POV (my favourite). Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips is still a WIP so if you don’t mind a little bit of waiting between chapters, I really recommend this one.

This story captivated me, fascinated me and I was impatiently waiting for every new update. It may not be the most thoughful life-changing story. But it definitely is one of the most frustrating, addictive and hottest ones. Author manages to build up so much anticipation, so much sexual frustration that it was seeping out of every chapter of this story. I cannot wait to find out how will author conclude everything!


Check out her really cool blog, Reading is My Breathing.


Remember my rec. a few weeks ago from badjujubeHer short story The Agreement is now complete. Check out my review here. If you are willing to think outside of the box for this one, I highly recommend it. Some might consider it a “Crack fic”, but it’s too well-written for that label.



Bella of Victoria by DH78 recently updated, so I decided to read it. I have not read Anne of Green Gables, so it’s all new to me, and I am loving it so far.  I think that Annie or Debb might have recd. this one already.  I hope DH updates more frequently though…

Soo….it was someone’s 28th birthday this week!! Man, it is just me or is Rob getting hotter…So excited for him that two of his movies will be at Cannes. *happy fan dance*


OMG. Someone didn't wipe my lipstick off, when I gave him a birthday kiss. I am so embarassed...;)

OMG. Someone didn’t wipe my lipstick off, when I gave him a birthday kiss. I am so embarassed…;)

Thanks again to Lucia for sharing and reviewing this week. xxoo


About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

One thought on “Fan Fiction Friday: Guest Post with Lucia!!

  1. xpreadmywings says:

    Hey girls! Hum … I admit I didn’t have the courage to read The Agreement because of the pairing *what can say? I’m an old kitten*.
    As for TH&WL … I’ll give it a go though I already got my hands full with Masen Manor by the fantabulous drotuno and The Lost by mamasutra and Learning to Love Again by JRFaab and Buried by ericastwilight and … oh man *sighs* ‘m a lost cause! LOL
    Happy CannesRob weekend!


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