Fan Fiction Friday: Edward from all periods…

So this week, we’re doing period fics! I love ‘em.  And there are SO MANY. Lucky, lucky us.   Of course, when there’s an Age of Edward contest, I do a happy dance. It’s not pretty, but it makes me happy and burns calories.

Yeah, that’s Michelle. LOL It’s us this week on Fan Fic Friday!! And you read that right. We are going to share some Edwards that stand the test of time…

I didn’t set out to pick one shots this week. Or two stories based in WWII. It just happened that way.

Bella-Ciao by Domysticated is such a sweet story.


20120710-800px-WWII France__Resistance


Author’s Summary: Italy, 1944. Edward is a resistance fighter, Bella the young girl who joins the fight and awakens his soul. With war and destruction raging all around them, can they hold on to their love and humanity? Written for the Age of Edward contest 2010.

An older Edward tells his tell of WWII, and recalls the love of his life. How brave she was and the toll war takes on everyone.

My name? It doesn’t matter. I am an old man now, ….

 Back then, they called me Edward.

 Today, they say we are heroes, martyrs, and we have squares and streets named after us. You say you want the details? Will you trust an old man like me to remember what really happened?

 Okay then, I will tell you about it. No, not everything…that will take too long, and besides, I have no interest in talking about politics, about ideology, about history. You can read about all of that in books, look it up on the Internet.

I will tell you my story.

And he does. He shares the tragic story of war: the good and the bad.   The good being Bella.

Her voice is small and sweet, yet confident.

“Sir, please, take me with you. I am brave, and I don’t get tired, and I will do whatever you need me to. Please. Let me fight.”

For Edward, leaving her behind is not an option. From there, we see Edward as a solider who doesn’t want to let go of his humanity.

There is nothing noble, nothing decent about this fight. Sure, we are the good guys, and we fight for what’s right. Of that, there is never a doubt. There wasn’t then, and there shouldn’t be now…despite what people will tell you. And so we fight ourselves, as well, trying to hold onto our honor, our humanity.

But war is harsh, and in order to fight the enemy, soldiers have to use any weapon they can. Even if it’s a young Italian woman with beautiful eyes. As much as Edward hates to ask Bella to help, she’s just as eager to prove her worth to Edward and the cause.

“Isabella.” My voice is steely, and she looks up, her posture suddenly straight, startled by the tone of command in my voice. “The time has come to prove yourself. Are you ready?” She jumps to attention.

“Sir, yes, I am ready.” If she’s scared, or if she doesn’t understand, she hides it well.

To find out about Bella’s mission, and if they get their happily-ever-after, go check it out.

Up next are two fics from the lovely and gracious GothicTemptress. She’s also one heck of a tour guide! (TFMU – Chicago memories!)

These stories couldn’t be more different from each other! Bereit is based on the author’s family history. While Voyeur is so very naughty.



Author’s Summary: Faced with adversity, horror, pain, loss, love and hope, humanity bears the challenge of survival and the pursuit of happiness. Will Edek Cullenski and Izabela Swanda be ready for this journey? Based on my family’s true story of surviving the Holocaust in war ravaged Poland and Germany during WW2. Honorable Mention Winner & Finalist for the 2010 Cherry Exchange One Shot Contest.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve read this fic. It’s such a heartfelt account of two beautiful souls surviving the worst of times.

“Edek, those workers in Oswiecim … they’ve never come out. ….. “Run home quickly, be wise. To live, do whatever they ask of you. Go now, before they catch you alone in the woods. I love you nephew …”

He kissed her cheek soundly, his lips leaving a visible streak on her face from the mixture of tears and ash.

He looked at his beloved aunt one last time, fearful that he would never see her again. Their eyes locked in their last goodbye, wordless and fearful pleading of a family that was about to be ripped apart.

“Run, Edek! Be brave. Be safe!

Edward takes a huge risk to save the young girl he’s had a crush on before this war became a reality.

A soldier opened the low gate at the back of the cart, the rusted hinges creaking in the damp, cold air. His voice carried loudly as he announced the next prisoner boarding the carriage.

“Izabela Swanda!”

Edek stood up so that she could see him clearly and she smiled, relieved to see a familiar face. He moved quickly to the back of the carriage to offer his hand in assistance.

 “Sir, there is mistake. This is my wife, Izabela Cullenski. She was visiting her parents when you collected me and they must have made an error in not telling you she would be picked up here. We were to go together for our three year term.”

 The soldier holding the clipboard looked again at the roster and scratched out her last name, correcting the error.

 “Izabela Cullenski!”

 She looked up at the handsome young man holding out his hand to her in confusion, but the silent warning in his eyes instructed her to remain silent and comply. She grabbed his warm hand and was lifted into the carriage, falling into his strong, muscular chest.

 His whisper tickled the freezing cartilage of her ear.

 “It’s the best fate for you, please follow my lead …”

Edek’s simple act of courage sets off their journey during their confinement, later their escape, and final voyage to a new life. It’s a wonderful story about the strength of the human spirit.


Woman Peeking Through Curtain  


Author’s Summary: A demure princess visits Cullen Castle. She perceives a few interesting things about the inhabitants & Prince Edward discovers that beneath her customary veil of piety, a dangerously inquisitive creature lurks, much to his pleasure. An erotic One Shot exploring voyeurism and the delicious seduction of a virgin tempted to pull aside her maiden’s veil to do more than just watch.

Just from the summary, you can tell it’s going to be very interesting! Fair warning: this is not a break room kind of story. You really don’t want your coworker leaning over your shoulder for this one!! **coughtsmutcough** You’ll want to read about this Prince and Princess in a quiet corner of your very own castle.




For me, no period post can be complete without a mention of Volition by Rochelle Allison. I’m pretty sure I can quote most of the fic word for word.   Especially the words fook, mickey, and feckin’.

Here’s a good Historical Fics community to check out as well for a variety of period fics.

See ya next week!



I read the recently completed fic by Sunflowersongs, White Shadows.

Author’s summary: Complete – Edward’s a knight. Bella’s a fair maiden in need of a protector. An arranged marriage, a run for freedom, a change of heart, a choice to be made.

Edward is the most famous and trustworthy knight, but he’s not the romantic leading man type, that we would expect. He likes to fight in battle, joust in contests, and sword fight with anyone who will challenge him. He is pretty full of himself actually. He finds himself given the task to protect Bella so that she arrives safely to Preyfort, in time to marry Lord Marsh.

“Huh. I hear her dowry is a thousand gold crowns,” the second man said.

“A thousand?” the first man asked in astonishment.

“And the keep at Craggs End.”

“Craggs End? That old, moldy pile of stones? Who’d want that?”

“Me, for one. It comes with land that stretches from the sea, all the way to the border of Castle Ostburn.”

There was an awed silence for a moment, before the first man spoke again. “Who was Sir Charles holding out for?”

“Prince Phillip himself.”

“God’s be. He’s an ambitious bastard, ain’t he?”

“And a greedy one. He couldn’t coax the Prince into a betrothal, so there’s a rumor that he’s going to give her to Lord Marsh.”

“Blimey! Does he hate his daughter? Marsh is old, mean, and cruel. He’ll beat her every day.”

“But Marsh is rich and his holdings vast. It’s a good alliance. Sadly for Lady Isabella, that bloom of beauty on her cheeks will soon be replaced with bruises, for sure. Marsh once beat a serving wench to death because she spilt his soup in his lap and kicked his favorite hound to death when he dared bark him awake. Imagine what he’d do to a headstrong girl like Lady Isabella.”

“I shudder to think. Poor girl.”

“She could use a savior. Someone to steal her away before Marsh gets hold of her.”

“Sir Charles would hunt them down and kill them both.”

“Better that than Marsh. At least she’d have a chance. It’s a death sentence for her if she weds Marsh.”

Bella and Edward go on a journey that kept me guessing on what would happen next, and if they would finally connect. Don’t worry Edward finally stops being an ass enough to realize his feelings for Bella. There is also a bit of magic that runs throughout the story that was kind of cool. As for the ending, the author does complete the story at a good point, but I would love to read more. 

For another knightly Edward, I would highly recommend Unexpected Circumstances by Savage7289.




Author’s SummaryWhen a knight from another kingdom wins his choice of bride, he claims the handmaid instead of the princess. Isabella finds herself married and tossed into the middle of political schemes. What happens when she can’t give him the one thing he must have?

God, this story so totally owned me while it was a WIP, and surprise, surprise, it’s in Bella’s POV, not usually Shay’s thing. The dear Miss Dee Dreamer (I miss her so much), rec’d this one. If you want to read about Edward jousting, hunting and fighting with swords while wearing knight’s armor; with a dog named Emily and a horse named Volvo, then this is the story for you. (Shay’s humor cracks me up) This Edward is so hawt, because I was picturing Henry Cavill from the Tudors. *fanning self*

Bella is just a lady-in-waiting for Princess Jessica. While watching a jousting match, she ends up on the back of Sir Edward’s horse, rides off to his kingdom, leaving her old life behind. Sir Edward is feeling pressure from his family and Aro, Jessica’s father, to get married and have an heir, so that he can rule the kingdom properly, after his uncle Carlisle dies.  He doesn’t want to marry Jessica so, to piss off Aro, he takes Bella as his bride.

Did he think to ask her what she wanted? Hell no. It was a last-minute decision on his part, but something about her got his attention. Sir Edward is so sweet and gentle with her while they get to know each other, and Bella figures out how to be the future Queen. There are seriously outstanding lemons, so why is Bella having trouble conceiving? That’s just one of the many mysteries in this story. I remember when that was FINALLY revealed, I literally shouted out loud, “I KNEW IT!!”

This story is a personal favorite of mine from Shay Savage.

Stay tuned next week as we look back at some classic fan fic that we loved back in the day…

Again, because I just can’t help myself. Seriously, he is quite breathtaking really…


THR photoshoot 2014

Have a great fan fic weekend everyone!!

katiebird xxoo

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    I hope that someday (sooner than later 🙂 ) Sunflowersongs will bless us with the sequel to White Shadows!!! Loved that wonderfully mystical, supernatural medieval tale!


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