Katiebird Reviews Better Deeds Than Words by Georgina Guthrie + Giveaway!

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Book Summary:

Aubrey and Daniel’s vow to pursue their dangerous romance despite university regulations takes them down a path of secrecy and lies. With only six weeks left to the end of term, they’re under the constant watch of David Grant—Daniel’s “Dean of Students” father. If that weren’t enough to pressure them, Daniel’s checkered past also casts a shadow over the young lovers who continuously tempt fate until one wrong move leads to an inevitable disaster. Can they salvage a relationship when everything seems to be conspiring against them?

I love when a book that made my “Most Anticipated Books” for 2014, exceeds my expectations. I fell in love with Daniel and Aubrey, or Sailor and Poppet, last year in the first book, The Weight of Words. Better Deeds Than Words is the second book in the Words series.


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There are so many things about GG’s writing that I just love. She has this way of making you laugh and swoon in a scene. Her characters are intelligent and funny, but flawed and human. Her use of Shakespeare at the beginning of each chapter just makes me smile every time.

Like the summary suggests, Daniel and Aubrey make the difficult decision to keep their relationship under wraps. Very few people know about them, and it’s best to keep it that way. So they think. When Daniel’s father finds out that they are more than TA and student, he handles it pretty poorly in my book. That triggers a reaction that Daniel can’t hide anymore from Aubrey. This in turn, forces Aubrey to make a promise to the Dean of Students that she struggles with each week.

Can she really cut off all contact with Daniel outside of the classroom? There are aspects of their relationship that she wants to pursue, but knows it’s best to wait. The UST in the first part of this book is perfection. I love their ways of contacting each other, the music and letters that go back and forth, as they count the days until the end of the semester. Daniel is just so swoonworthy… *happy sigh*

In fact Georgina has provided a special list of music on Spotify that you can check out here.



Besides the wonderful chemistry between the two main characters, the secondary characters definitely hold their own. Especially Daniel’s grandmother Patty and his best friend Penny. They can really steal a scene. They each have their own way of supporting Daniel and Aubrey’s relationship.

Here is an excerpt of my favorite scene with Patty:

Daniel’s grandmother held out the salad tongs. “Daniel, take more tomatoes.”

 “I already have a few. I’m fine.”

 She tossed three more tomato wedges on his salad plate. “Lycopene. It’s good for the prostate,” she said.

 Daniel rolled his eyes and sighed.

 “Prostate cancer,” Patty said to me in a hushed voice. “That’s what got Bradford—my husband. Never ate a tomato in his life. I’m convinced that’s what did him in. Although I read an article recently about the importance of regular ejaculations as well. Not that Bradford had a problem with that.”

 I bit my lip to stifle a laugh. Daniel stared at her in stunned silence.

 “You are having your oil changed regularly, I hope?” she asked him.

 What the hell? Penny had said Patty was a corker, but nothing had prepared me for this! She was awesome! I blinked back tears as I tried not to burst into laughter. Daniel, on the other hand, was choking on a mouthful of roast beef. I clapped him on the back and handed him his water glass.

 He gulped some and cleared his throat. “Jesus, Patty. That’s a rather personal question.”

 “It’s uptight people who impede the distribution of important information. Don’t you think, Aubrey?”

 “Oh, I couldn’t agree more,” I said, casting a meaningful glance at Daniel who narrowed his eyes at me.

 He turned back to his grandmother. “Are you implying I’m uptight?”

 “Implying? No, no, I was stating it as a fact. I happen to believe you need to extricate that rather long pole from—well, there’s no need to discuss the sordid details at the table,” she said.

 Daniel put down his fork and looked back and forth between the two of us. “Huh,” he said, miffed. “Okay then. Allow me to put your mind at rest. My oil is being changed fairly regularly. There. Satisfied?”

 He picked up his fork and forcefully stabbed a carrot. I hoped his comment wasn’t intended as an admission that we were involved in an intimate relationship. Patty quirked an eyebrow at me and I held up my hands as if to say, “Don’t look at me.” She surveyed Daniel expectantly and he cleared his throat.

 “Unfortunately, I’m decidedly, um, self-employed, at the moment,” he said.

I will say that GG is one of my favorite authors because she is outstanding at writing UST. That doesn’t mean that when Sailor and Poppet do FINALLY get to be together, that the sexual chemistry goes away. Those scenes are just as romantic. These two characters really are meant to be together, despite the fact that there are people in both of their lives, that don’t necessarily agree, and might be setting them up to fail.

Truest of Words cover


I am looking forward to the next book, The Truest of Words, because now university is behind them. I want know more about them as a couple. Aubrey will be graduating, and then what…

I was finished with university.

 Now what? For the past four years, I’d had a purpose, a goal to achieve when I’d woken up every morning. What was my goal now? To bed Daniel on Saturday and then continue to do so as frequently as possible thereafter? A fabulous plan, but not exactly a career prospect. Talk about feeling aimless.

I don’t know Aubrey, that sounds like a great goal to have, at least for the summer, right? LOL

Tamie couldn’t resist Daniel’s charms either. She talks about spending Sundays in bed with our favorite Sailor. Check out her post here.

Author’s info:




The third book, Truest of Words is due to be released in November 2014. Glad we don’t have to wait too long for that!!

One lucky commenter will get e-book versions of both Weight of Words and Better Deeds Than Words.

Random.org will be used to select the winner!! Winner will contacted via email and officially announced on Monday, June 2nd.

Leave a comment and Good Luck!!

Thanks SubClubBooks for hosting the book blog tour!!

Where to purchase:

Weight of Words Amazon  Barnes and Noble
Better Deed Than Words Amazon Barnes and Noble


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    Georgina is a wonderful writer and these characters are wonderful, too. I adored the earlier incarnations of these books, and I’d love to win them!


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