Elena’s Picks: First Encounters… (#2)

Some of the scenes I enjoy the most in books are those ones where the two characters lay eyes on each other or get to talk for the first time. I love seeing their emotions, what goes through their mind when they stare at the other person or try not to do so, sometimes failing miserably. It’s also interesting to see how their relationship progresses, since that very first encounter…

Also, if the first meeting between the characters is well written, the interest of the reader is definitely piqued, and they’ll want to keep reading the story to see how things turn out…

In THIS post I shared with you some of this kind of scenes, taken from books I love. And here are more first encounters that I find absolutely intriguing and beautiful, especially considering what happens next… 😉


Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower

My Naz and Karissa:

fassbender 7


“He leisurely rounds the corner near me. My eyes shift that way, staring at his shiny black dress shoes, my stomach sinking when they slow before coming to a dead stop right in front of me.
I glance up, cathing a glimpse of his face for the first time. Holy fuck me, it’s not what I expected, yet it’s everything I ever anticipated from someone so striking. He’s older — thirty, at least, maybe pushing forty — but his skin has a youthful glow. There’s a dusting of hair along his jaw like he hasn’t bothered to shave in a few days. His brown hair isn’t short, but it isn’t long either, a tangle of wayward curl pushed back in his head. He either spent a long time perfecting it, or he rolled right out of bed that way.
Either way I’m impressed.
Despite maybe, possibly (but hopefully not) being a hell of a lot older than me, I have to admit he’s drop-dead gorgeous. So good looking, in fact, that I can hardly stop myself from ogling him, my eyes meeting his bright blue ones after a long moment of practically eye-fucking him every which way imaginable…”

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

My Hayden and Tenley:


Barbara Palvin


“I didn’t mean to startle you,’ I said, because it was true. I was also staring. ‘I’m Cassie’s nephew, Hayden.’
Her eyes moved from my feet up, pausing at the ink on my arms, taking it in before lifting higher. She unfolded her long, lean legs and used the shelf for support to pull herself up. She flinched as she did so, like she’d been sitting for a long time and had gotten stiff. She was far shorter than me, all soft curves and slight build.
‘You own the tattoo shop across the street,’ she replied.
‘That’s right.’ I nodded to the shelves. ‘I’m looking for The Birth of Tragedy.’
She gave me a curious look and trailed a finger along the spines as she scanned them. ‘I haven’t seen any Nietzsche lately, but if I find a copy I could bring it to you…to Inked Armor, I mean.’
I smiled, liking the idea of her in my shop…”

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

My Josh and Ember:






” ‘Do you need me?’ he asked softly, as the clerk rang up his Vitamin Water.
‘What?’ I had zero clue what he was talking about.
He flushed. ‘Do you need me to carry that out? I mean, it looks kind of heavy,’ he finished slowly like he couldn’t believe he’d said it, either.
‘It’s a cake.’ He had to be the hottest awkward guy I’d ever met.
‘Right.’ He grabbed his bag and shook his head like he was trying to clear it. ‘Would you at least let me drive you home?’
Wow, did he choose the wrong day to try to pick me up. ‘I don’t even know you. I hardly think that’s appropriate.’
A soft smile slid across his face. ‘You’re December Howard and I’m Josh Walker. I graduated three years ahead of you.
Josh Walker. Holy shit. High school. Memories crashed through me, but that Josh Walker couldn’t possibly be the one standing in front of me…”


So masterfully written, aren’t they? And I love these couples so much!!!

Are there any first encounters in books you’re particularly fond of? 😉


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Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

2 thoughts on “Elena’s Picks: First Encounters… (#2)

  1. I think that Ana and Christian had a first encouter that was awful and good at the sane time. I also like Gideon and Eva’s first encounter and ofcourse Travis Maddox and Abby had a unforgetable first encounter :-)) i could go on and on lol


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