Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings where we discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

This week’s topic: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

I have a loooooong list of favorite books, but there are some of them I know I’ll never part from. Here they are:

The Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Inferno


Gabriel's Rapture




The Gabriel Series will always stay with me. This series is very special to me for both personal and obvious reasons. The love story between Professor Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell touched me deeply, and these books have and will always have a special place on my bookshelf.

Easy and Breakable by Tammara Webber



Lucas and Jacqueline’s story is unique in its genre and it deals with a very important topic, that more books should talk about, in my opinion. It’s a wonderful story for so many reasons, a story I’ve read several times and I’ll never part with it.

The Sempre Series and Monster in His Eyes by JM Darhower

sempre cover


Monster in His Eyes cover

Whatever JM Darhower writes is a masterpiece. The Sempre Series is amazing and Monster in Hies Eyes likewise. Now I can’t wait for Torture in Her Soul, which, I’m sure, will always stay on my bookshelf, like all the books by JM Darhower.

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

COVER - A Hundred Summers

A poignant and emotional love story that I find myself rereading often. A Hundred Summers is that kind of book you can’t stop thinking about.

Books by Judith McNaught

judith mc naught

One of my absolute favorite Authors! Judith McNaught is simply one of the most talented and wonderful writers out there. All her books are NYT Bestsellers and they have enchanted thousands of readers, like myself. McNaught is my to go author, and all of her stories touch even the most hidden chords of the heart. That’s why I’ll always carry her books with me.

Shakespeare’s works


Well, I think there’s no introduction needed. I have a whole shelf dedicated just to Shakespeare, and I’m very possesive of that shelf. 😉 No matter how many times I read his works, I always get something new out of them, every single time.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

All those who’ve been following my posts here on Bookish Temptations know I’m HUGE fan of Jane Austen and I adore all of her books. I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when I was 15, and it’s stayed with me ever since.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

wuthering heights


Another classic I absolutely love. I think that Heathcliff has always been a misunderstood character, and there’s so much of him that’s underrated. Wuthering Heights is not only about the troubled story between Heathcliff and Catherine; this book has so many layers that are worth discovering.

Faust by Johann Wolfang von Goethe

faust 1

Faust part 2


Goethe is one of my favorite German authors and I consider his Faust to be one of the greatest works in literature. It’s so very powerful and thought-povoking…If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you check it out.

Pensées by Blaise Pascal


Pascal is a philosopher I’ve always admired. His “Pensées” contain so many thruths and there’s so much wisdom in them. I never tire of rereading them.

The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien


One can draw so many life lessons from these books. The Lord of The Rings is a Masterpiece with a capital M.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer






The Twilight Saga will always have a place on my bookshelf. I read the books when I was 18, and a whole new world opened up for me. So many things changed thanks to twilight, and I’ve made so many great experiences because of these books. This series will never be taken down from my bookshelf! 😉

Now, I’m curious…what books will always remain on YOUR shelf? 🙂


About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

19 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: What are the books that will always remain on your shelf?

  1. The Fifty Shades Trilogy. I have it on Kindle but it’s my FAVORITE so I bought the paperbacks as well. The Twilight Series, the Beautiful Bastard series, the This Man series, the REAL series. Probably a few more. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been on a book bender buying all the ones I wanted to own in paperback. Older books would be To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, and my Shel Silverstein books. 🙂


    • Elena says:

      Thanks Gretchen! I love all the books you mentioned. I know what you mean and I’m the same — I always buy both the kindle version and the paperback of my favorite books 🙂 Glad to hear I’m not alone!


      • lawpatz1 says:

        Your not. I do the same and I thought I was insane, but I’m glad to know I’m not, and other do the same.


      • lawpatz1 says:

        OMG! I thought I was insane for doing that, but I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I love to have them both on my Kindle and in book form, There’s nothing like having an actual book in your hands.


  2. Debi says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird has permanent residence on my bookshelf. I’m reading The End of the Affair now and it will join TKaM. Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel trilogy is there, as is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. The Bible is there, too.


  3. serendipitousmc says:

    Agree agree agree about the Gabriel series! My multiple copies will never leave my shelves, except to loan them out once in a while. I also agree with To Kill a Mockingbird; it’s a classic whose themes and beautiful writing will always stay with me. I agree with Twilight, too. Those books have brought me so many wonderful friends, including you lovely ladies of this blog. 🙂 And I have to add the Outlander series, my new big obsession. They will all have a place on my shelf and my Kindle, forever.


    • Elena says:

      Thank you, Sue, and Thanks for your words! ❤ I love your choices. I'm so happy we got to meet through these wonderful books. 🙂 Outlander is amazing series as well. 🙂


  4. Brandie says:

    Elena, lovely post! I am right there with you on the Gabriel series. I recently purchased all 3 books in paperback (I had read them in eBook form) so I would always have them on my shelves. I also did the same with Fifty Shades, Crossfire, and Twilight. All four are my all time favorite series.

    It’s so nice to see another Judith McNaught fan! Her book, Perfect, is one of my favorite books ever. I haven’t read all of her books, but the ones I have read, I loved. Which one is your favorite? I need to pick up a book by her again and could use a recommendation. I have read Perfect, Remember When, & Something Wonderful. 🙂


    • Elena says:

      YAY!! So happy you love McNaught as much as I do, Brandie! She’s amazing, isn’t she? I LOVE Perfect! My favorites are: Perfect, Paradise, Almost Heaven, Night Whispers, A Kingdom of Dreams and Someone To Watch Over Me. Let me know what you think of them when you read them! 🙂


  5. lawpatz1 says:

    The Crossfire series, Gabriel’s Inferno, Rapture, & Redemption, Real series, and also all Judith McNaught’s books. Of course there’s quite a bit more, but these are my all time favorites, and I can read them over and over again, and I actually have.


  6. Theresa says:

    The Thoughtless series are one of my favourite, also Gabriel’s series, This Man, I could go on and on I am reading Breakable at the moment and have whole list of other books I want to read 🙂


  7. Kristie White says:

    I adore all Kristen Ashley but Rock Chick series are my favorite!!!I loved them all!!!! Also the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines was great!!! And finally “with me in Seattle” by Kristen Proby. and ok many many more :p


    • Elena says:

      I can’t wait to start reading the books by Kristen Ashley. I’ve heard so many great things about them. Thanks for sharing Kristie! 🙂


  8. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Yes, The Twilight saga will never leave my shelf; they’re right next to all the dvds! The Gabriel series as well.:) But amongst those lovely books is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Love, love, love those boys in leather! And……………….even after, what…….11-12 books she’s still writing! So you constantly have a new “bad” boy to look forward to reading about, but you still have your favs thrown in there as well. 😉

    Great post, Babe!



    • Elena says:

      Thanks Paula! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for sharing your picks! I love reading everyone’s choices 🙂


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