Man Candy Monday: Italian?!? Yes, Please!

a man candy monday banner

Since I just reviewed a book that had a super hot Italian guy in it I was googling for images that might give me the perfect visual for him. I haven’t narrowed it down to just one yet, but there sure are some yummy choices. That’s the inspiration for this week’s Man Candy Monday.




Have a super Monday all!!!

Tamie Xo

8 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Italian?!? Yes, Please!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Grazie, BB! *licks lips*


  2. Elena says:

    Semplicemente bellissimi! 😉 This is now one of my favorite Man Candy Monday posts 😉


  3. Deborah Camp says:

    So nice! Love Mondays!


  4. Ana DirtyDraco says:

    My favourite is Gabriel Garko (pics num. 5-6-7) He´s my Eliah Al Saud from the Florencia Bonelli´s Trilogy ” Horse of Fire” … Also, he´s the actor/model who inspired to the author 😉


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