Musing Mondays: Sharing is Caring…

How many times have I said “Sharing is caring” in my posts? 10, 20, 100 times? Let’s agree it’s more than once and less than infinity. Sometimes I say it with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge behind it. Sometimes I say it with all seriousness and sincerity. The book world is full of sharing and caring, and this Musing Mondays is in appreciation of that…

Starting with the authors because, let’s face it…without them there would be no reason for Bookish Temptations and all the other book blogs out there to even exist. They share their gift and ability to take words and craft them into stories we fall in love with. They make us laugh, cry, swoon, rage. They make us care deeply, sometimes fiercely about fictional people they created. We experience joy, grief, love, passion, arousal, and a million other emotions thanks to them. Sometimes we love their stories so much we want to hug our books, marry our book boyfriends, and travel to the places they come from. On the flip side…sometimes we want to throw our books at the nearest wall, stomp on our kindles, and say really bad words when our beloved characters are torn apart, go through horrific things, and have their hearts broken…because ours are breaking right along with them. We feel all the feels because an author shared.

My fellow book bloggers, including my fabulous team here at Bookish Temptations are big on sharing too. We spend countless hours reading and then reviewing, or creating promotional posts about books/characters we love. We do this because we want the rest of you to love them too. We tweet, we facebook, we create pins on pinterest, we make lists on Goodreads. We instagram, we link, we do blog tours, and on and on in an effort to create excitement about those books that excited us. We love having the chance to bring authors to our blogs for interviews and guest posts and giveaways, and we share those too.

And YOU…you guys are not to be outdone in the sharing department. You visit this blog by the thousands each month. You click on our links and buy the books we suggest, and then you tell others about them. You tweet and RT our posts, like them on facebook, repin our pins, leave comments and join in discussions. You hit those sharing buttons at the end of our posts. You recommend us to others. You have no idea how many times you make me smile and laugh. I’m grateful to you for all of the above, and without you… what we do would be pretty pointless.

Last but not least are the publishers and publicists who do so much behind the scenes by sending us books, for providing giveaways, and coming up with/coordinating fun things for both bloggers and readers to enjoy.

Yup…the book world is a very sharing group of people. I’m glad to be a part of it. I thank you all!!!

Tamie Xo 


2 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: Sharing is Caring…

  1. Franca Cawley says:

    Thank you all at BT for the fantastic service you offer us all, I love reading but would have no idea how to choose my next book without your recommendations, keep up the excellent work. Am sure the authors are just as grateful. Regards from sunny South Africa. xx


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