Fan Fiction Friday: Recs. from Annie and Mrs. Q

Hi there fan fic readers!! Another amazing reader out there wanted to rec and review what they are reading for us! I love when we have guest posts. Annie is also back with a WIP that she is swooning over right now.

Actually both stories are great sweet and fluffy summer reads…

We like to let the guest go first., so here is Mrs. Q’s rec for Grind by JonesInDaHood


Grind banner


Author’s Summary: “Beaches and boardwalks, endless summers and sugar cones. Adulthood crept up on Bella Swan sometime ago. Can a local skater make her feel young again?”

Bella, 25 years old, is working in her grandparent gellato shop in California. She thinks her life was trapped in that condition, endless summer, with useless English degree in hand. Then Bella meets Bean in a party, a 29 years old skateboard legend. He calls her Sunny. She left a deep impression to Bean’s heart and mind. Bella hesitates at first because she has a strictly rule ‘no skater boy/man’, but she can’t deny the attraction between her and Bean. She wants to give it a try. And Bean is more than willing to convince her that he’s not any kind of skater.

This story is so sweet and fluff, just like chocolate syrup on your vanilla ice cream or like cotton candy πŸ™‚ Bella never knew the real identity of Bean a.k.a. Edward at their first meeting in a party. Bella just knew that Bean is a skater. What she didn’t know is that he is also a founder of “Masen Foundation”. Edward also didn’t know Bella’s real name. He called her Sunny, for a reason πŸ™‚ Edward is nothing but smooth, caring and loving. He is patience enough waiting for Bella to open up about her greatest fear. He’s also very manly and sweet, maybe because his age but I think he’s perfect. Oh and he loves kids! *swoon*

Bella is a different story. Despite her internal battle because of what happened in her past, she only wants to live her life. She finds it with Edward.

It’s sunshine, flower and rainbow in this story. If you’re a fan of fluffy fic, this is the right choice! Of course it’s well written, you know the author, JonesnInDaHood is a colaboration between author Jonesn and author Hoodfabulous. Awesome authors πŸ™‚

36 chapters is nothing, really, time flies by and you don’t even realize it. It’s because the story is so good, so well written and I enjoy their A.N in the bottom of every chapter πŸ˜€

Love this fic!

Mrs.Q on twitter @mrsqie



Now it’s Annie’s turn to add even more sweetest to this post…


Remember that video about the strangers kissing? If you’re like me you wished for a fic about one of the couples getting together. Well, Edward’s Eternal has made my wish come true.


Volunteer 13 by Edward’s Eternal



Author’s Summary: A favour for a friend. A few minutes of her life. Kiss a stranger and see what happens. “Easy,” Rose insisted. “Kiss him and walk away.” Will it be that simple?

You may or may not have heard people coughDebbcough call me Cotton Candy Annie because I like fics that are sweet and fluffy. *Edward voice* I’m not ashamed of it. Volunteer 13 filled my cotton candy heart with joy. From the first chapter, Edward is the sweetest, kindest, swooniest guy. I love him!

Excerpt from chapter 2:

His face moved closer, his lips a mere breath away from mine. The pulsating heat started licking up my spine again, small flames of desire burning through my skin. “Yes.” He dropped a gentle kiss on my mouth. “I didn’t think you could be lovelier than before,” he murmured.


“I thought you were beautiful when you walked in the room,” he explained quietly. “But now, seeing you look like this? You are exquisite.”

“Like this?” I asked, unable to do anything it seemed, but repeat the words that came out of his mouth. His perfect, sexy mouth.

“Hmmm. The way you feel pressed up against me. Your lips all swollen from mine, your cheeks flushed and the way your eyes are looking at me.

You’re a siren, Bella,” he growled. “A fucking siren.” He buried his head in my neck, his tongue swirling over my skin, trailing a hot, wet path up to my ear and tugging on the lobe. “I know we were only supposed to kiss. But I want you. Fuck, I want you so much.”

I groaned, arching against him. I could feel how much he wanted me. I wanted him as well. I had never experienced want like this before today.

Before this man. His mouth covered mine again and I was lost.

Lost to him and his kisses.

His warmth.


Swoon! I read this as a WIP, and after every update I dreamy sighed. True story. So, when you’re in the mood for a sweet romantic love story, give Volunteer 13 a try, because…


itssofluffy gif


KB: OMG! That still cracks me up….LOL

Thanks to Annie and our guest reviewer Mrs. Q for adding some sweetest to our fan fic reading weekend!

I think my teeth might be aching a little from this post..









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6 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Recs. from Annie and Mrs. Q

  1. Lucia says:

    Thanks for recs, girls πŸ™‚ Same as Annie, I found myself wondering about story based on “kiss a stranger” video so I am looking forward to reading Volunteer 13!


  2. Wow – so glad you enjoyed my story Volunteer#13 ladies! Thank you for the lovely review!


  3. We’re so happy you enjoyed our fluffy collab! Thanks for the lovely review! – Jonesn and Hoodie


  4. abinar says:

    Come, join us on the sweet side, KB. It’s so lovely and there are treats!


  5. abinar says:

    Oops! Mrs. Q’s twitter is @mrsqie Sory Mrs. Q!


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