Making Up For Monday: Me vs the Critics…

Making Up For Monday is hosted by An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer.

This week’s question: Do you typically agree or disagree with critics?  Or are you somewhere in the middle? 

I love this question! I’m going to assume for this post that critics means professional reviewers for newspapers, magazines, etc. Those who are paid to do so in other words.

I oftentimes find myself at odds with the critics. What they love I usually don’t, and what I think is a must read they usually pan, and the funny thing is that this holds true for movies as well. I have no idea what criteria they use, or why we’re so far apart in most cases.  Every once in a while we agree, and I’m always surprised.

Funny thing is tho that many of the books I love and recommend end up on the NYT and USA bestsellers lists, so clearly I’m not alone or leading people down the wrong bookish road. When I first began writing reviews it bothered me a lot, but now? Nope…it doesn’t at all. I love what I love and I’ll keep recommending what I love whether the critics and I agree or not.

I’m curious as to your reactions to this post. Do you put more stock in what critics think, or do you depend on blogs like this one to get your recommendations from? Feel free to share why as well.

Tamie Xo

2 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: Me vs the Critics…

  1. jdt1505 says:

    I like to read & listen to both, but make up my own mind in the end. We all have our favorite type of man, literature, movie, style, etc… Who is to say anyone is wrong? I say “vive la difference” !! :))


  2. Nickie Adler says:

    Whenever you re comes a book, I usually decide if it’s for me or not. There are certain stories that don’t do it for me. So what I’m trying to say is your recommendations go a long way in helping decide what I purchase.


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