Fan Fiction Fridays: The Babysitter by Plummy

*Happy Dance* Hold the presses…Michelle is back and she is so excited to share what she’s been reading lately. Please share in the comments how much we’ve all missed her…


Hiya! Feels like I’ve been gone forever but it was just a few weeks. Now that the 3rd Annual TwiFic Meet Up has come and gone, I’m back in the fic rec’ing saddle.

First, let me just say that TFMU 2014 in Nashville was beyond fun! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of the planning team this year. And Nashville, well….I think they’ll let most of us back.

Approximately 100 fic loving ladies met up in Nashville, TN for 4 days of workshops, author panels, and fun. We had attendees from across the globe: Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and the UK. It just proves how strong our fandom remains after all these years. Not to mention, the number of talented writers that keep readers coming back for more of their stories.

Here’s hoping that TFMU 2015 will be just as much fun!


Once home, I knew I had a lot of updates to catch up and read. And you CANNOT imagine how excited I was to see The Babysitter by Plummy updated and completed! **snoopy dances**


pic for michelle's post


Author’s Summary: Everybody said Rose was perfect for me, and this weekend I was going to find out if it was true. That was the plan, until I met her sister.

Alrighty then!

Originally a o/s entry for the Fic This Gif contest, Plummy expanded the story since everyone wanted more! By the way, The Babysitter won First Place in the contest.

Plummy does such a great job of getting into the mindset of a twenty-year-old boy/man. AND… her seventeen-year-old Bella makes you think about your high school days.   And the snarky banter? Love it!

The big question for Bella is to ‘do it’ or ‘not to do it’. Poor Edward is caught being the babysitter who gets to try and steer Bella in the right direction while being a normal (read that: horny) guy.


“So, if I have sex with some clown in my biology class, that would be better than having sex with someone older and wiser?”

“Yes, that’s exactly — I mean no, that’s absolutely not what I’m saying.” “And by the way, why do you keep asking me all this shit?”

“Because I think you’ll tell me the truth. And, you’re Rose’s boyfriend, so you’re safe.”

“And who says he’s wiser? There are plenty of twenty-year old idiots.”

Case in point: me.

Poor Edward. He wants someone he knows he can’t have. And Plummy’s Bella has a bit of growing up to do.

Does Edward do the right thing? Does Bella take his advice? Only one way to find out. The Babysitter is just four chapters, so it’s a quick read. You can always stick around Plummy’s profile and read one of my Top Ten Fics: Love In Idleness. I wrote a review of it here.

See ya next week.


*Breaking into song* Have I told you lately that I love you??

Glad you’re back Michelle!!

Katiebird xxoo



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