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Alayna Withers has only had one kind of relationship: the kind that makes her obsessive and stalker-crazy. Now that Hudson Pierce has let her into his heart, she’s determined to break down the remaining walls between them so they can build a foundation that’s based on more than just amazing sex. Except Hudson’s not the only one with secrets.

With their pasts pulling them into a web of unfounded mistrust, Alayna turns to the one person who knows Hudson the best—Celia, the woman he almost married. Hoping for insight from someone who understands all sides of the story, Alayna forms a bond with Celia that goes too far—revealing things about Hudson that could end their love for good.

This is the first relationship where Alayna hasn’t spiraled out of control. And she might lose Hudson anyway…



Found in You is the second installment in Fixed series. Alayna and Hudson’s story continues right where it left off. They’re in a good place; content and they both want to give a real relationship a shot. They really fought to make it as a couple. Alas, they still keep secrets from each other which allow room for doubt in Alayna’s mind. Where Hudson seems so sure of their relationship and where they’re going, Alayna struggles so hard to feel confident that Hudson’s feelings for her are genuine and not just some game he plays.

Alayna has come a long way from Fixed on You. She was battling her demons of stalking when she met and eventually fell in love with Hudson Pierce. She knew that every time she fell for a guy she would end up stalking him and things ended badly for both of them. But it’s different with Hudson, she tried extra hard to fight her stalking tendencies for the sake of her future with him. In this book we get to learn a lot about Alayna’s destructive habits. That being said, I can understand where Alayna come from, she sure did go through a lot and in the end she just want to be loved and accepted with all her flaws included. Alayna is without a doubt one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read. The way she deals and processes her thoughts amazes me. I also like how she handles Hudson; she stood up to Hudson’s controlling and domineering ways especially when what Hudson wanted and what she wanted were two different things.

I don’t think it’s possible, but I love Hudson even more in this book. Sure he has trouble showing how he feels with words, but his actions uncover what he truly feels for Alayna (and boy does he show her, sigh). Although he doesn’t even realize it, Hudson is very romantic. He’s also sweet, protective and really knows how to do the nasty. He shows a little more vulnerability in this book. Some of his past was revealed and it was shocking and a little heartbreaking.

Found in You does a fantastic job of showing how Alayna and Hudson’s relationship is growing, two broken people who find peace, happiness and understanding with each other. It’s not that they bring out the best in each other, it’s that they knew each other’s worst secrets yet they didn’t judge or shame. Their chemistry just oozes off the pages; it’s even more powerful than in the first book.

Laurelin Paige is a brilliant writer; I loved how she tells Alayna and Hudson’s story, I never knew who to trust or the motives behind every character’s actions and it just makes me want to keep reading to find out what would happen next. There was so much more to this book than just sex. There was some real plot and character development. Found in You hits the ground running with one amazeball ride of secrets, drama, lies, deceit and sex. The ending part is so sweet and although there’s no cliffhanger, I guaranteed that you won’t be able to wait and see what happens in the next installment. I think, overall, the message from this book is that even people with broken pasts, who’d done things they’d forever regret, could still be able to be a part of a healthy relationship. If you haven’t read Fixed series, please…. stop whatever you’re doing and read them ( you can thank me later 😉 ). This series is just fantastic!

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“You’re the first person I’ve ever met who makes me believe I might not be crazy. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I don’t want you here so I can control you. I want you here because I can’t bear it when you’re not. I want you here because I want you with me—always.”

“Just don’t give up on us. Please, don’t give up. I’m a shell without you, Alayna. I can barely breathe when you aren’t near me, when I’m not touching you. Right now, it’s all I can do to hold myself back from taking you in my arms.”

“If you want possessive alpha male, I can certainly comply.”

“Certainly even people like us – people who had been so broken that we destroyed others around us – deserved happiness of our own. We didn’t have to spend our entire existence making up for our mistakes.”

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One thought on “Amelia Reviews: Found in You by Laurelin Paige

  1. Deborah Camp says:

    You can get the boxed set of these books now and then there is “Hudson,” another book all in his viewpoint. I loved the series and I think Hudson did voice his feelings eloquently. That’s one of the many things I liked about him. That he told Alayna the score and he stuck to his word. Great review!


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