Booking Through Thursday: Bookcases

Last week’s question from Booking Through Thursday was: When you visit a friend’s house, do you find time to browse their bookcases? Does it shock you if they don’t have one? 

If I go to a friend’s house and they have a bookcase or even a shelf or two of books then yes I do.

I’m not so shocked by lack of bookshelves these days as I would’ve been in the past only because so many peeps have e-readers now, and many have decided not to buy print books anymore. Some continue to purchase a few, but only from their most favorite authors.

I fall into the latter category even tho I still love and prefer print books. For me it’s just a matter of space. I have 2 huge bookcases stuffed to the brim, and not much more room for any more. This is a sadness. I can’t imagine the day where I don’t purchase any print books at all tho. I’ll find somewhere to put them 🙂

What about you?

Tamie Xo


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Bookcases

  1. April Wood says:

    I love nosing through others book stacks, and book shelves myself! 🙂


  2. nbfn7 says:

    I love books in print. The temptation to feel something in my hands and to scan the pages, to read tidbits here and there make me feel blissed. It’s like a secret magical place waiting to be explored.


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