Alice Clayton is Coming to Bookish Temptations!

Happy Saturday peeps!

On Monday, August 18th Alice Clayton is coming to Bookish Temptations with something special for all of you…

Wanna know what what that something special is?!? Of course you do 🙂


First, we’ll have an exclusive excerpt from Screwdrivered which releases on September 2nd. Did I just hear a bunch of squee’s and hand clapping?!?  I know, I know…I’m super excited that we’ll be hosting this peek into book three of the Cocktail series too.

Additionally, there will be an amazing and kickass giveaway from Alice for you to enter. I’m talking signed, print copies people. All three Redhead books + Wallbanger and RustyNailed signed. All of them.

Alice is one of our favorite authors who combines romantic, sexy, and humor into must read books, and we’re thrilled to be hosting this awesome event. Join us on Monday the 18th!

Tamie Xo 


2 thoughts on “Alice Clayton is Coming to Bookish Temptations!

  1. This is so exciting! I love everything she writes. I still need to finish the Redhead series though, I’m obviously slacking. Hurry up Monday!!!


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