Man Candy Monday: Clark from Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton

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Today’s Man Candy Monday is thanks to Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton

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Exclusive Excerpt! Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton with 5 Signed Books Giveaway!!!

We announced on Saturday that Alice Clayton would be visiting today with an exclusive excerpt from Screwdrivered, and that there would be an amazing giveaway as well.

Since you’ve all been so patient…let’s get to it shall we? 😉


Brown hair. Brown eyes behind dusty-looking eyeglasses. White button-down. Tweed jacket with . . . elbow patches? He was tall, carried a briefcase, and looked exactly like Tom, Dick, and Harry. I could handle this.

“Hiya,” I announced, surprising him. Pushing his glasses up onto his nose, he glanced down at me. I was dressed for cleaning in a tank top that I’d sweat through, denim cutoffs that showed most of my legs, and a headband, and he took me in with an appreciative glance. Amused, I let him look, and when he finally met eyes again, I let him know with my look that I’d caught him peeking.

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