Katiebird’s Shout Out to the Hourglass series and Fatal

Since I am the resident YA paranormal girl at BT, I thought I would share with you what I’ve been reading lately in this particular genre.

Everyone here loves the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon, I thought I would do a “shout out” to another time travel series, the Hourglass series from Myra McEntire that I loved. I recently read the last book Infinityglass, and thought it was outstanding! Tamie wrote a great review for the first book Hourglass, back when it was first released here. It’s the reason why I put the books on my TBR list back in 2012.

I am also a huge fan of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, and recently read Fatal by TA Brock. Another cool book about zombies.

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Fan Fiction Friday: Heart’s Desire, Snapdragon, and Seven Forty-three

Happy Fan Fic Friday!! It’s Annie and I this week sharing what we’ve been reading lately. Annie’s story is a WIP that sounds hot and steamy. My two stories are a classic and recently completed one.

At any rate, we are excited to talk about what we are reading!!

But first, because it’s hot outside and well, he’s always hot in a white t-shirt….


Robert's gif

Gif from Thinking of Rob


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