Tantalizing Tuesdays: “M” Inspired Boyfriend (One Night Promised)


Happy Tuesday!!! Men in suits! I believe this is already a part 2. Then again my eyes and my mind and my heart is aiming in introducing the new guy in my life—M from Jodi Ellen Malpas‘ new released book One Night Promised.

If you loved This Man Trilogy, I’m definitely sure you’ll love this one too. Watch out for my pic teasers tomorrow.

For now, enjoy the sight…














Do you really think I’ll leave without DG closing in my post?! yowza!!!!

x gel

7 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays: “M” Inspired Boyfriend (One Night Promised)

  1. Mari-Ann says:

    You can include DG in the beginning, middle and end!! ANYTIME!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deborah Camp says:

    Niiiiice! Love a man in a suit. I’m looking forward to reading One Night Promised. I really loved This Man, etc. Sometimes the story was a bit over the top and some of the typos and wrong words drove me insane, but always entertaining. I even listened to it on Audio (Audible).

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  3. BlissfulReader says:

    OMG. Suit porn. You’ve made my day. It’s the best.

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  4. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    I don’t have a watch fetish, but I could definitely develop one just looking at DG! The way it holds his wrist; and those long fingers drawing attention to that yummy mouth. And those eyes!!! The way he’s seducing the camera looking up through those lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah………….definitely heading for the shower now!

    Oh, yeah and I’m also going to read your newest rec.:)


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