Thirsty Thursdays: First Kiss!

This week I’m choosing a past Thirsty Thursdays topic…first kiss. Usually the first kiss between characters is pretty memorable right?!?  I’ve picked four to share today, and because some of the scenes are pretty long I’ve narrowed them down to a few lines…

From Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

“The tip of his tongue rolled over her lower lip as he tugged on it with his mouth, and slowly his tongue touched hers. There were timid introductions as their tongues met first as friends, shy and soft, then as lovers, sensual and erotic, as the heat exploded in their mouths and the dance of the two became a tango of one.”

From Breakable by Tammara Webber

“I touched my tongue along the seam of her lips- a quiet inquiry and a promise to withdraw if required. But she opened her mouth, and my blood ignited, rolling below my tatoos like tiny ribbons of fire. Her tongue touched mine- a connection I hadn’t imagined would be allowed, and one that incited an ache for more.”

From On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

“His mouth crashed down on mine and the desire my body had been harboring for him for weeks took control of me. I clung to him, my hands digging into his back, my legs climbing his hips as my lips parted on an exhalation of relief that allowed his tongue inside my mouth to tease mine. ”

From Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

“I started off slow and searching, because I needed to keep myself in check now more than ever. Her mouth was sweet, and her velvet tongue came out to touch mine, tasting, testing, tentative…meeting the silver ball and exploring the feel and texture as I did the same. ”

Now I’d love for you to share some of your favorites with me.

Tamie Xo


3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursdays: First Kiss!

  1. Schauer says:

    Daniel & Aubrey from The Weight of Words by Georgia Guthrie: “Twice, three times, he kissed me tenderly. I leaned into him, reveling in the feeling of his hands moving down to my waist to pull me close and his teeth gently biting my lower lip. At last he turned his face and nudged my nose softly with his before claiming m y mouth and teasing my lips open with this tongue…”

    I also loved Holden and Sky’s first kiss in Hopeless. And agree with Clipped Wings and Breakable.


  2. lawpatz1 says:

    Amazing choices. I agree with you 100%.


  3. Gabriel was also my first kiss for this Thirsty Thursday! Great choice!


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