Katiebird’s Shout Out to Two Erotic Books

Katiebird’s Shout out to The Silver Chain and Confessions of an Alli Cat 

It’s me again, stepping outside my comfort zone here. I don’t read a ton of erotica, mainly because graphic sex scenes aren’t my thing. I love LOVE and a majority of erotic books don’t focus on that aspect of the relationship. It’s all about physical gratification and sex. There are definitely exceptions, like Fifty Shades of Gray and Captive in the Dark. Just to name a few of my favorites.

I want to share my thoughts on two books that I’ve read recently that fall into the erotic category, but are very different from each other. I think Oscar Wilde said it best. Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. 

The_Silver_Chain cover

The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy, book #1) by Primula Bond

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Bound by passion, she was powerless to resist.

One dark evening in London, photographer Serena Folkes is indulging her impulsive side with a night-time shoot. But someone is watching her – mysterious entrepreneur Gustav Levi. Serena doesn’t know it yet, but this handsome stranger will change her life forever…

Serena is fascinated by Gustav, the enigmatic owner of the Levi Gallery, and she soon feels an irresistible pull of attraction. The interest is mutual, and Gustav promises to launch Serena’s photographic career at his gallery, but only if Serena agrees to become his exclusive companion. 

To mark their agreement, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet to wear at all times. Attached to it is a silver chain of which he is the keeper. With the chain Gustav controls Serena physically and symbolically – a sign that she is under his power. 

As their passionate relationship intensifies, Gustav’s hold on the silver chain grows stronger. But will Gustav’s dark past tear them apart?

Katiebird's review


If you are thinking like I was that this was a BDSM story, because of the bondage aspect, it really isn’t. While Gustav tries to control Serena, by being her introduction into the art world and actually keeping her on a silver chain when in public mostly, there isn’t much of a dom/sub relationship between them.

I will say that Gustav does send a lot of mixed messages to Serena. There also isn’t that many sex scenes between them either, but there is quite a bit of voyeurism. Serena watches her ex boyfriend having sex, and she is drawn to Gustav’s past indiscretions with his ex also. He sees this dark curiosity in Serena, and pushes her into some pretty strange situations.

There is a plot twist at the end, that I did not see coming. I also thought that the location and atmosphere was very cool. Very Wuthering Heights. I am curious as to where this storyline is going, so I will mostly likely read the next book soon.

***I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.***

I gave the book 3 haunting stars, and put it on my “middle-shelf-interesting reads” shelf on Goodreads.


Confessions of an Alli Cat cover

Confessions of an Alli Cat (The Cougar Chronicles, #1) by Courtney Cole


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Thirty-five year-old Allison “Alli” Lancaster has it all—a fabulous job, a beautiful 15 year-old daughter, a hilarious BFF and a gorgeous house with a pool and Jacuzzi in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. What she doesn’t have is a husband, because she kicked her lousy, cheating ex to the curb nine months ago. Since then, Alli has paid her dues with seemingly endless self-improvement and seemingly endless mourning. Now she’s ready to move on and try new things.

Alli’s idea of “trying new things” is nothing like that devil-of-a-best-friend of hers. Somehow, Sara, the devil of a best friend, talks Alli into trying out a sex toy, sleeping with a younger man and letting a stranger in a lab jacket put hot wax on a place that should never, ever, ever see wax. And that’s only the beginning.

Alli never saw her life going quite like this. She also never thought she’d meet someone else who had the very real potential to change her life forever.

 But she did.

Enter the new guy. He’s gorgeous, refined and mature. He’s also marriage material. But that poses a problem for Alli, who renounced the institution of marriage when she renounced her ex. What’s a girl to do?

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what the heck happens when you can’t leave Vegas? Well, you spin the wheel, of course. You play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

Alli just hopes she can find them all.


Katiebird's review

This book could not be more different than the first book, but it is definitely erotica. I did laugh more in this one, because that saying in the summary “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, definitely applies here. The main character does things that really are only legal in Vegas.

Alli’s best friend puts her in situations that made me laugh and gasp in shock, but it’s fiction. She starts a physical relationship with a much younger male escort that crosses the line way too many times to keep count. She has a three way with said escort and a masseuse that had me reading through my fingers. LOL

The good thing is she does settle down at the end with the right guy, but if I keep reading the series, I have a feeling her past is going to come back to haunt her.

I gave this book 4 good fun stars, and also put it on my “middle-shelf-interesting-reads” on Goodreads.


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