Book Trailer!!! TIED by Emma Chase


Happy Moanday peeps!!! LOL It’s an awesome start of the week because I’m about to let you peek on what’s waiting for you on the epic ending of the Tangled Series by Emma ChaseTIED.

What can I say?! It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to do this book trailer for Emma and Drew.;) Drew fucking Evans, I shall say is my favorite guy. His POV is direct—always on the spot. Hilariously funny but real and true. He doesn’t do mushy gooey lines just to make you feel better rather he’ll tell you honestly what’s true even if it’s frigging unacceptable to hear. I FLOVE Drew! I wanted to climb inside his head not just because he’s stunningly handsome but he’s charmingly amazing with a dirty mouth and bright mind too. Let’s not forget his witty sense of humor. What else is there to ask for?

So sit back, relax and watch while waiting for October 7 to roll.


October can’t come soon enough!!!

Thank you for watching! One-click now!!!

x gel



8 thoughts on “Book Trailer!!! TIED by Emma Chase

  1. Jenny says:

    Such an awesome book trailer! Bravo! Perfectly done.


  2. Michele H says:

    Wonderfully done! I can’t wait to read Tied…I love me some Drew Evans! lol


  3. Jennifer R says:

    Omg that was Great! Loved so much! Oct !!!! I’m ready!


  4. Tamie says:

    I love this so much Gel, and I’m so proud of you!!!


  5. Nickie Adler says:

    That was f_____g amazing! I watched it three times!


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