Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: New Adult and Love Scenes…


Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post hosted by The Rainy Day Ramblings.

This week’s topic: Are you comfortable with the direction NA is going…. with all the erotic scenes and steamy covers?



First off I have to say that, when I choose a book to read, I don’t go specifically seeking out a New Adult novel. I favor all kinds of books, but mostly Contemporary Romance. But like I said before, if I like the cover and the synopsis, then I pick the book up, whether Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance and so on.

I’ve read several books that belong to the New Adult genre and I too noticed that some of them are a bit “steamier”, compared to the first New Adult books that came out a couple of years ago. Do I like it? Yes, I do. Mostly for a reason, though — all the New Adult books I’ve read so far have beautiful love making scenes, that aren’t vulgar. At all. They still manage to keep the heat, but they convey emotion at the same time, which is the most important thing for me. A love scene without emotion irritates me and I find myself skipping it in order to see what happens next. In three words? I get bored. So if a New Adult book has love scenes that make you feel the love between the characters, then bring it.

Also, the love scenes in those New Adult novels I’ve read aren’t that detailed…They’re steamy, but not detailed. Steam doesn’t equal to detail, in my opinion. There are lots of ways to make a love scene steamy, and that depends on how capable a writer is of using those writing skills. Again, I’m talking about books I’VE READ. There might be books that are labelled as New Adult but that have lots of detailed love scenes. Then those books shouldn’t be put in the New Adult category, but rather into the Erotica one. Too many times the line between genres gets blurred…

So, generally speaking, I’m happy with the direction these New Adult novels are taking. As long as the loves scenes aren’t too much.

What about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: New Adult and Love Scenes…

  1. kahlenaymes says:

    Gutsy post Elena!

    Sent from my iPad



  2. April Wood says:

    I’m ok with “NA” erotica, just not “YA” erotica.. makes me feel like a perv for reading it! As long as the characters are 18+, I’m all for it! 🙂


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