Five Friday Favorites: Five of my Favorite Guest Posts…

This was a  Five Friday Favorites topic from a few weeks back that I didn’t participate in: Favorite Of Your Choice, and I’m choosing to share five of my favorite guest posts. It’s fun to look back in the vault sometimes 🙂

1) I couldn’t decide which I liked better between the interviews Elena and I did with the Snarky Narrator (by himself), or the one that also included Professor Gabriel Emerson. I floved both and they were equally hilarious thanks to Sylvain Reynard.

2) For our very first Valentines week (2012) we got the most romantic and sensual poem written for Julia from Gabriel, and again thanks to Sylvain Reynard.

3) During Valentines week (2013) A Love letter from Jesse Ward was a huge favorite with everybody with thanks to Jodi Ellen Malpas. I also floved the special video q and a she did with us this past January.

4) For our very first Blogiversary in 2012, Debra Anastasia wrote a special story for me that included Satan Jack, and it was awesome!

5) My friend Shari wrote one of my most favorite guests posts ever called, Once Upon a Museum that featured lots and lots of shenanigans with Sylvain Reynard, E.L. James, Debra Anastasia, and C.L. Parker. I’ll always treasure this, and it still makes me laugh as much as it did the first time I read it!

Feel free to share what YOUR favorite guest posts have been featured here on Bookish Temptations 🙂

Tamie Xo



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