Making Up For Monday: If I Were Writing a Book…

When I saw this weeks Making Up For Monday topic: If you could or are writing a book, what would you want it to be about? The first thing I did was fall on the floor laughing because there is O% chance of that ever happening…none, nil, snowball’s chance in hell…you get that right?!?

But, I do have a good imagination, so let’s pretend for just a minute…

If I were to write a romance book it would probably be of the romantic comedy variety because I love to make people smile and laugh. I’m not above being goofy to make that happen, and my co-workers will attest to that 🙂

However, if I were to write a romance novel with intrigue and mystery?!? My guy would be outrageously hot…and totally BADASS!

What about you?!?

Tamie Xo

2 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: If I Were Writing a Book…

  1. Karen says:

    I think mine would be about Adam Levine leaving his very beautiful, super model wife for a five foot Banker from England. Everyone’s gotta have a dream, right?


  2. DebbieK says:

    Oh, a romance would be my thing. The heroine would have self-esteem issues and the hot hero would be trying to convince her of her (a)worth (b)hotness (c) sweetness (d) his love (e) all of the above and dealing with the meltdown she has before coming to the realization that he IS serious about her and she is madly in love with him. Whew!


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