Thirsty Thursdays: Top 3 Things Necessary in Erotic-esque Books

This weeks Thirsty Thursday topic is: Top 3 things you have to have in erotic-esque books.

I like this topic because even tho I’ve talked about it before in other posts I think it bears repeating.

1) It MUST have an excellent and captivating story line, because no matter how skilled an author is at writing graphic sex scenes…it means nothing without a great story to go along with it. It becomes boring.

2) Remember that post I wrote about using sex words that aren’t sexy? I still run across those…they still make me wince…take me out of the moment, and kill my buzz. Instantly. I think most authors nowadays use pre-readers/betas, so it floors me that someone hasn’t spoken up and said…NOPE! NO WAY! Remove that word immediately. For example, when I see the word core, know what I think of? An apple, a nuclear reactor, a computer, or what’s beneath the earth’s surface. None of those are sexy to me.

3) I touched on this in both of the above, but the third must have is an author skilled at writing graphic and detailed sex scenes. They also need to be varied because if it feels like the same scene I just read in the last chapter with only a teeny tiny change you know what I’m going to do? Skim. Too much skimming and eventually I just DNF.

What about you? What are your must haves?

Tamie Xo

2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursdays: Top 3 Things Necessary in Erotic-esque Books

  1. BlissfulReader says:

    Well, you really struck a chord with me on rule #2 — sex words that aren’t sexy. There’s one thing that’s an absolute deal-breaker for me: misuse of cum/come. Cum is a noun; it’s a substance. Come is a verb; when someone has an orgasm, they come. If I’m flipping through a book or reading the online sample and I see something like, “Baby, I’m going to make you cum so hard…” I stop right there. No book buying is going to happen, because I feel like I’m reading cheap, sleazy porn. I also have major issues with bad editing or lack of editing. I do freelance editing, so I realize that I’m probably more particular than some other readers. I understand that most authors are anxious to get their work into the hands of the readers as quickly as possible. I get that most authors are not interested in spending more money to get their work ready for publication. However, good editing is not a frivolous expense, and an author who doesn’t know or care about its importance is only showing how little respect they have for their readers. There’s no reason why erotica shouldn’t be as well-written as any other genre.


  2. As far as ‘sexy’ words go, my main guideline is, if you said it out loud during sex, would your partner(s) look at you like you’d grown a third head. If so, don’t write it down. Remove it from your vocabulary as soon as possible. But I have to admit, sometimes I go back and read my own sex scenes after the fact, and I’m like ‘man, this is lame.’


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