Fan Fic Friday: Annie’s Beardwardo Adventures

Hey there y’all! Katiebird and Michelle are busy and have left me here to run amok things. Really, they should know better by now. Of course I have pounced on the opportunity to pretty up the place. I grabbed my bae (I’m down with the kids, yo), Debb, to help me. Yay!

 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Beardy Edward

HappyBirthdayAnnie.jpg_large - Edited

(Pretend that was sparkly too, ok?)

My love for Edward is pure and true. My love for beards is dirty and lusty. Perfect combo, right? Beards are just plain manly. Picture your beloved Edward with a nice, thick, soft beard, evidence of his masculinity.  UNF. Now imagine how that nice, thick, soft beard would feel on your skin. Now you get the idea. [Debb: LoofahEdward… *eyes glaze over*]

I have gathered for you, with the help of my twitter friends, several stories with beardy Edwards. I found that some of my favorites have been pulled. *Aro voice* This is a sadness. However there are still some sexy, manly beardy Edwards out there.

Lots more, and no razors allowed, after the jump!

I was going to save the best for last, but I can’t get it off my mind. Debb aka deb24601 wrote this as part of a wit-fit. It’s the best thing ever [Debb: d’awww…because I wrote it for my bae, Annie]. It fills my heart with joy and lust and more joy. One short scene with so much beard appreciation, I cried with delight the first time I read it. If that’s not enough, Edward only wears a towel, okay?   It doesn’t officially have a title, but the wit-fit prompt was “Groom.”

Groom by deb24601


In rinabina’s fun mini-fic The Good, The Bad and the Stubborn, Bella doesn’t appreciate the beard at all [Debb: That’s crazy talk, Bella]. It’s a shame, because her beardy baseball player boyfriend is all kinds of sexy.

Author’s Summary: Edward comes home from a road trip with a new “development.” Bella reacts, lines are drawn, sides taken and the bet is on. Who will break first?


Author’s Summary: She washed up along the river near his secluded log cabin with no memories. He couldn’t just leave her to fend for herself, could he?

I read Washed Up by xrxdanixrx years ago. It’s complete, but the author leaves us hanging a little bit, promising a sequel. Although there isn’t one on her profile, I feel like I’ve read it. I wonder if she posted it under a different profile. If anyone can help us find it that would be fabulous. Anyway, beardy, cabin, rugged, rawr.


Down on the Bayou by kitkat681

Author’s summary: Her hair is blonde, but it shouldn’t be. The beard on my face is all wrong. She’s used to the best of the best, not living in a shack on the Bayou. They have us hidden away for our safety. They didn’t care about our sanity.

I have not read Down on the Bayou, but ooh it looks good. I’ve added it to my to-read-list.

I found a couple of Ruggeddom Contest entries with beardy Edwards. Both look like they’re going to be continued as multi-chap fics. I wholeheartedly endorse this!

Rusted by chinchin unicorn

Author’s summary: While living precariously on that line between life and death, Bella finds solace with her presumed dead sister’s ex-lover.

Something Gotta Give by Mina

Something’s Gotta Give by ericastwilight

Author’s summary: Two troubled pasts that took different paths. She takes life by the horns and tries to live it to the fullest. He hides away on the mountaintop, rough all around. What happens when they meet? What happens when their worlds’ collide?

Last but not least, one of my and Debb’s favorites. My Wounded Soldier by counselor. I know we’ve rec’d this here more than once already, but this Edward is all kinds of manly and swoony. We love him a ridiculous amount.

Bonus photo of Beardy Robert Pattinson because we can:

DiorbeardBW - Edited

[Debb: *gets distracted* *flirts with laptop screen*]

Thanks to @mrsqie, @PJann21, Michelle (@allthingsHHH), and @feistyangel34 for helping me round these up.

Michelle asked us to let you know that the nominations for the Twific Fandom Awards are due by midnight,  October 11, 2014. Here’s the website:

If you know any beardy Edward fics we haven’t mentioned here please mention them in the comments. Share the beardy love. x

2 thoughts on “Fan Fic Friday: Annie’s Beardwardo Adventures

  1. lawpatz1 says:

    God I love him more than my kids ha ha ha!!!


  2. susanrsm says:

    I third that for My wounded Soldier. It’s a must read. So much beardy Robward love. *happy sigh*


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