Blogiversary Blowout: Exclusive TEASER from MADE: A Sempre Novel by JM Darhower + GIVEAWAY!


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Today we continue with our blogiversary celebrations with something very, very special! JM Darhower is sharing a wonderful teaser from MADE: A Sempre Novel, which is Corrado’s story and it’s coming out 10/27.

You already know how much we love JM Darhower here on Bookish Temptations, and how awesome a writer she is. Her books have all become Bestsellers and I fell in love with all of them. Everything Jessica writes is a masterpiece.

Corrado is one of my favorite characters in the Sempre Series, and I couldn’t wait to read more about him! To quench my and your thirst, here’s the teaser for you to enjoy 🙂

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Antonio remained there, unmoving, staring at Corrado inquisitively. “How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Stay so detached,” he asked. “I’ve yet to see any emotion from you. You show up, calm and collected, like we’re talking about the fucking weather here.”

“He’s always been that way,” Vito chimed in from beside him.

“I don’t think I’ve even seen him smile,” Antonio continued, shaking his head. “Hell, can you smile?”

“Of course I can,” he replied. “There just isn’t any reason to.”

Antonio reached across the table and grasped Corrado’s shoulder, squeezing it. “I like that about you. You don’t bullshit. Most guys plaster on that fake smile, you know, always laughing like a fucking clown. You can’t trust them if you can’t tell when they’re being genuine. But you… I can tell with you.”

Corrado was unsure of what to say.

His lack of a verbal response made Antonio snicker again. Sitting back in his booth, he waved them away. “You fellas get on out of here. My family will be here soon for lunch, and well, you know…”

“I understand, sir.” Corrado stood. “Have a good day.”

Vito said goodbye before following Corrado. They strolled out of the restaurant as Vito pulled his car keys from his pocket and started down the block. They’d made it a few steps when a car pulled up to the curb, a door opening. The sound of laughter reached Corrado’s ears, light and airy, like a soft classical melody. His footsteps faltered as he glanced toward the source.

Celia DeMarco.

Bright afternoon sunlight streamed down on her. Her white dress made her skin appear much tanner than he recalled. It was chilly out, so much so that Corrado detected a slight fog surrounding every breath, but warmth surrounded her like glowing light. Happiness radiated from her as she spun in a circle, yelling something back at whoever was in the car before heading toward the restaurant.

She paused at the door, hesitating as she glanced Corrado’s way.

Their eyes connected.

The woman in front of him was a far cry from the girl he’d met so long ago. Awkward knobby knees and gangly limbs had given way to a curvaceous body, her clunky braces gone, replaced with a dimpled grin, complete with perfect teeth as she smiled dazzlingly at him.

But still, her hair hung over her shoulder, sloppily braided.

Celia’s free hand came up, cautiously giving him a small wave.

Corrado raised his hand, awkwardly waving back, the gesture making her laugh again… this time at him. For him. The stunning sound faintly reached his ears as she disappeared into the pizzeria, making every inch of his body tingle at the recognition.

Without realizing it, Corrado was smiling.

He stood there, dumbfounded, before his father grasped his arm and pulled him out of his stupor.
“Guess you found your reason to smile, huh?”

Love it or love it? 😉 Seriously, I can’t wait for this book!!!

Don’t forget that you can pre-order it on Amazon.



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One lucky winner will have the chance to hold in her hands a SIGNED SET of the Monster In His Eyes Series. So you’ll get a signed paperback copy of Monster in His Eyes and Torture To Her Soul.

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**No purchase necessary**

Thanks once again to Jessica for the teaser and for offering the giveaway!

Good luck, everyone!


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