Blogiversary Blowout: Exclusive Excerpt from Beneath Your Layers by Christina Lee!

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It’s no secret that I adore anything that Christina Lee writes. It’s also true that I adore her as a person as well, so I was super excited when she said yes to joining in our blogiversary festivities. First, a note from Christina then the excerpt 🙂

Happy Third Year Blogiversary, BOOKISH TEMPTATIONS!!

 I’d like to tell you how very much I enjoy you ladies and your blog—your fantastic reviews, swoony posts, amazing graphicsand how much the support you give to the reader/author community is appreciated!

 You are VERY  SPECIAL to me and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being SO AMAZING!!!!!!!

You are made of glittery sparkly MAGIC! SO here’s to another wonderful year! XO

Love, Christina Lee

I wrote an anthology called WHEN WE MET with AL Jackson, Molly McAdams, and Tiffany King. It’s four separate stories of college roommates who find love and releases on November 4th!

So as an extra special something, here’s a short excerpt from my portion of the anthology called, Beneath Your Layers.

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“Here, let me help.” He took a couple of steps up the ladder and placed his arms on either side of me to help pull the curtain off the nail. His chest was right up against my back, his lips near my ear, and I couldn’t help it; I let out a throaty sigh.

“Chloe,” he said in a rough voice.

I lowered my head in defeat and I could feel his jagged breaths against my hairline.

“I know the other night was . . . fun,” he said. “But getting you out of my head during the day hasn’t been so easy.”

My skin pebbled from his revelation.

“Truth is—you turn me on so much. It’s hard not to think about . . . touching you again. For whatever that’s worth.”

“Blake.” His lips skimmed across my neckline and I shivered from the contact. “I’ve . . . never been kissed like that before. For whatever that’s worth.”

You can find WHEN WE MET here: and 

 Made with Repix ( 

Christina has generously provided a signed copy of Before You Break. International.

You can enter the giveaway HERE

Thank you so much Christina!!!

Tamie Xo

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