Blogiversary Blowout: Exclusive Excerpt from Fouling Out by Tiffany King

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Tiffany King as one of our blogiversary authors. She’s sharing an excerpt from Fouling Out  🙂

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“Hey, Chuck, how much longer on my order?” I drummed my fingers on the serving counter, staring off into space in the crowded kitchen.

“Coming up.”

I was so ready for the evening to be over, and past ready to get rid of Dalton. Having him grin at me and act like we were still friends was making me shaky and off-kilter. Obviously he didn’t remember how he’d tossed me aside like I was no longer important. He moved on, leaving me behind without my best friend. More important, I was confused about the feelings I had started having for him. One moment I was daydreaming about us becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and then, poof, he was gone.

I had tried convincing myself I hated him for ditching me, but I couldn’t do it. I had a crush. What could I say? Over the years I’d watched him from afar, but we never really ran in the same circles again. In eighth grade his talent on the court earned him a lot of attention, and in high school basketball had made him a legitimate star. When I saw him in the hallways, he always seemed to have a new girl on his arm. I found my own circle of friends in high school, and eventually I realized I had romanticized our friendship into something it wasn’t and I got over him.

Facing him now while he attempted to flirt with me like I was a typical girl he’d just met was seriously screwing with my head. I could see why girls were into him. It took all my concentration to ignore his come-hither looks and deep, sexy voice. How one person could be blessed with so many gifts was beyond me. Most men would trade their left nut for even a smidge of his talent on the basketball court, but combining that with rugged good looks and a voice that would make any girl’s panties wet was just unfair.

Amanda interrupted my inner whine-fest, snagging a fry from one of the plates waiting to go out. “So, how’s it going?” I smacked her hand without hesitation, making the fry drop to the floor“Hey.” She reached for another in spite of her  complaint, but I slid the plate out of her reach. “You know Chris will have your head if he sees you munching off the customers’ plates.” I didn’t know why I had to remind her. She knew the rules as well as I did.

She pouted, folding her arms across her chest. “You’re such a brownnoser.” “And you should know how gross that is. I’d hurl if I found out someone had their fingers in my food. You know Chuck would make you something if you asked.” “I don’t want a whole dish of something. I’m on a diet, hence why I was only after one fry.” She patted her model-thin waist for emphasis. I was tempted to throat-punch her. I wasn’t fat. I just had more curves than I would have preferred. My waist was tiny, but my ass seemed determined to be seen. I was okay with my boobs being on the larger side. Although at times I worried they were too large for my frame. Maybe I wouldn’t mind my figure as much if I were taller. Being five foot nothing made my hourglass curves look like they had been smooshed in a compactor.

“Thanks, Chuck,” I said, placing the last plate from my order on my tray. He tipped his chef ’s hat in response. “Anytime, sweetheart.” “I saw that you lucked out with table twelve,” Amanda said, opening a package of saltines since I had deflected her attempts at taking a fryI balanced the heavy tray on my palm before heading for the

swinging door to the dining area. “Lucked out?” I asked incredulously before reminding myself that she knew nothing about my history with Dalton. In the year and a half that Amanda and I had been friends, I never once let on that I knew Dalton before he became the basketball savior of the university. “Are you kidding? You’re waiting on my own version of a dream team there.” She shot a lustful look toward my zone. Understanding dawned on me at seeing her hooded eyes. “Of course.” Her next fascination was sitting at the table. For a horrible moment I wondered if it was Dalton. Not that it should matter. Dalton wasn’t mine. He never had been.

I returned to their table with their food, resolved to make the best of the situation. “So, how have you been?” Dalton asked as I dished out their plates. “It’s been ages since we had a chance to talk.” “I guess some of us just got busy.” My answer had a little more snap, despite my intent to play it cool. He frowned, rubbing a hand over his head. It was a habit I remembered him doing when we were kids. It meant he was confused. “Yeah, I guess so.”

I excused myself, telling them I would be back in a few minutes to refill their drinks. Somehow I managed to keep it together for the rest of the service. I checked on them a few times and inquired about dessert, but I could barely suppress the pent-up breath I’d been holding when they paid their checks and headed out. 

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Tiffany is providing a signed copy of The Write Stuff for our giveaway. US only.

You can enter to win HERE

Fouling Out By Tiffany King From the upcoming New Adult anthology When We Met is available November 4, 2014 from Penguin N.A.L.

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Thanks for joining in Tiffany!!!

Tamie Xo


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  1. April Wood says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Blogiversary!


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