Blogiversary Blowout: Guest Post by Monica Murphy + Giveaway!

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I am so delighted that Monica Murphy is here with us and I would like to thank her for joining our Blogiversary Celebrations.

Monica is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the ladies at Bookish Temptations! Love each and every one of you – your support of writers and readers and the romance community is awesome!

What do you love most about THE guy in your book(s)?

Such a tough question because I love every single guy I write. I have to fall a little in love with him in order to help the reader fall in love with him too. I could go on and on about Drew Callahan because I know readers love him as much as I do but you know who I really love? Who I feel is just so sweet and sexy and sometimes an idiot but that also makes him real so I forgive him for his idiocy? Owen Maguire, Fable’s brother and the hero in my book FOUR YEARS LATER. I think it helped that I first “met” him when he was 13 in ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND. So I felt like I already knew what made him tick, I knew his vulnerable side and his tough side. He was a true joy to write and I think his girl Chelsea is his perfect match. I have mad love for that book. Mad, crazy love.

What is your favorite scene (that you wrote) and why?

Yikes, an even tougher question! There is always a favorite scene in every book I write. One I look forward to writing (when it’s planned, which is rare since I’m not much of a plotter) and one that I look back on after I’m finished writing the book and I think, “Damn, I love that scene!” One of my all time favorite scenes that I’ve written is in ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND when Drew kisses Fable in the back seat of his father’s car. I tried to capture the magic of a first real kiss between two people as much as I could with that scene because there is nothing better than that first kiss. Nothing!

Can I also admit I love love love writing scenes when the villain makes an appearance? I love a good villain! I know readers hate them but it is so much fun creating them. Having them do and say the worst things ever. I try my best to have a villain in every book because…I adore them. LOL!

Yay! Thank you Monica, for sharing your thoughts with us. I’m sure a lot of peeps were curious about this too.

Connect with the Author:

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

Check out and grab her awesome books in this link.

I would also like to extend our gratitude. She has offered to give away a print signed copy of Four Years Later plus swag, open internationally. Go enter HERE. 😉

**No purchase necessary**

Good luck peeps!



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