Blogiversary Blowout: Katy Evans Shares what She Loves Most about Greyson King and her Favorite Scene

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I’m so glad that Katy Evans was able to give us the pleasure of answering these two special questions for our Blogiversary Celebrations.

Katy is the NYT and USA Today best selling author of the Real Series. REAL, MINE, REMY and ROGUE were already up for grabs. Check it out because it’s pure awesome stories. The fifth installment in the series–Ripped, will be release this December 9, 2014. It is so worth the wait!!! *grin*

Okay, let’s hear it from Katy…

“What do you love most about THE guy in ROGUE and what is your favorite scene (that you wrote) and why?”

My favorite thing about Greyson King, my hero in ROGUE, is both his strength and the teeny tiny vulnerabilities within that strength. Greyson is the “hardest” hero I’ve ever written, not in the sense that he was difficult to write, but in the sense that he was a very strong, unwavering character who knew what he wanted and his will was absolutely impossible to tweak or bend. He’s hard, determined, driven, fiercely strong, and within that strength, you find he has a vulnerability that Melanie brings out and it only makes me love Greyson all the harder for it.
My favorite scene in ROGUE is one near the end of the book, when Melanie admits that she doesn’t know if she can live the kind of life he lives, and he’s so in love with her at this point that the unthinkable happens and his iron-will bends for her, conceding to what she wants which is actually totally opposed to what HE wants. That scene was one of the first scenes I wrote for the book, it was so vivid in my head, and it was almost that conversation between them (written in my first draft when the book was very different) that actually caused me to shift and rewrite the entire book. With Greyson as a hero, it really didn’t even surprise me that the book went ROGUE. 🙂 
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I’ve  missed Greyson and Melanie! They are absolutely one of my favorite couples.

Thank you so much Katy for sharing your thoughts and joining us today.
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