Blogiversary Blowout: Rebecca Donovan Shares what She Loves about Evan and Cal plus Her Favorite Scenes!

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Rebecca Donovan is one of my favorite authors. I adore her so much and  I am so happy that I was able to ask her these two special questions that I knew you guys would want to hear from her too.

So, here you go…


What do you love most about the guy in your book(s)?

When I created Evan, I knew he was perfect… almost too perfect. He does have flaws, although they’re easily overlooked. But I made him who he is to be exactly who Emma needs. I admit, I may have added my own personal wish list to his character too. He is so very patient. But is equally determined. He’s insightful while still being sarcastic. He’s gorgeous, yet humble. And he wants to protect her while letting her figure out who she is on her own. Artistic and athletic. He is the perfect guy. No doubt. What’s not to love?!

Cal is sweet, but far from perfect. He has issues with confrontation, expressing himself and relationships. He’s cute, not gorgeous. Easy going, and not at all ambitious. Neither artistic nor athletic. But he’s a good guy. And I adore his sarcasm the most. A guy who can make me laugh is always a favorite. And his patience, just like Evan’s, knows no limits. I mean, they have to be patient considering the girls they love, right?

What is/are your favorite scene(s) on your books and why?

Any scene that takes me to the brink of my emotions is a favorite. A scene where I get so lost in its creation that when I finally blink back to reality, I have no idea what time it is. A scene so powerful that when I finish it, there are tears on my cheeks, my hands are shaking, or my heart is racing. A scene that I can’t stop thinking about even after I shut off my laptop. Some of these scenes include:

  • The art room scene (Reason to Breathe)
  • Carol beating Emma to unconsciousness (Reason to Breathe)
  • Jonathan and the drug dealer (Barely Breathing)
  • Rachel’s birthday (Barely Breathing), the tent (Barely Breathing)
  • the cliff jump (Out of Breath), the ocean and run (Out of Breath)
  • forgiveness on the beach with Evan (Out of Breath)
  • dancing in the woods (What If)
  • screaming at the world (What If)
  • Nicole’s confrontation with her parents (What If)

They all consumed me, sucked me into their world. I merely witnessed and then recorded for everyone to read. Sometimes, I feel I have very little control over what I write… and that’s when I know I got it right.

Wow! Nostalgia! Thank you so much Rebecca for giving us a dose of your creative mind. 😉

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Thanks to Emily Lalone for making this post possible.

Good luck guys!!!


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