Blogiversary Blowout: Elena Interviews Rebecca Yarros + Giveaway!


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Today I’m happy to welcome Rebecca Yarros to Bookish Temptations. She’s the Author of Full Measures, a book I LOVE so much (you can find my review here)!

I had the  pleasure of interviewing her for our Blogiversary, and let’s see what she told me. 🙂

Elena: Thank you, Rebecca, for being here today!

Rebecca: Hi there! Thank you so incredibly much for having me!

Elena: When did you decide to write Full Measures?

Rebecca: When the story wouldn’t leave me. My husband was leaving for his fourth deployment, and though I wasn’t sure there was a market for it, I decided see where it wanted to take me.

Elena: You’re an army wife with five wonderful kids. How do you maneuver yourself between writing and family?

Rebecca:  Oh, balance. I’m always in search of the elusive concept of balance. Honestly? I triage. Whatever is most important at the moment is what I’m doing. I’m packing lunches, folding laundry, getting kids out the door and onto the bus, or to hockey practice on time, and I fit in writing where and when I can. Which means sometimes you’ll find me at a hockey game with one eye on the game, one eye on my other kids and one eye on the manuscript I’m typing on my lap… oh, and apparently I’m always one eye short.

Elena: How much of your personal experience as an army wife influenced Full Measures?

Rebecca: A ton. I’m also a military brat, which was where the idea came from. My greatest fear is definitely losing my husband, but I couldn’t help but wonder, if I’d lost my dad, how would that have shaped my outlook on life?

Elena: Has your husband read Full Measures? If so, did he have a say while you were writing it or did you let him read it once it was finished?

Rebecca: He was deployed when I finished it, and he read it between missions, and cheered me on via-Skype when it was picked up by Entangled. We have a good tradition down: I finish the book, do a first pass edit and he’s always the first to read it.

Elena: What’s the trait you love the most about Josh and Ember?

Rebecca: There’s so much I love about them, but the most? Hmmm…. I’d have to say that they’re like a storm shelter. When they’re together, that’s all that matters – each other, and whatever is tearing down the world outside seems to fade.

Elena: There are some emotional scenes in Full Measures and I admit I cried while reading them. Did you ever cry while writing them?

Rebecca: Oh yes. The notification scene was hard, and I drew a ton of emotion from remembering being notified that my husband had been seriously injured in Iraq. But the hardest was the funeral scene, because writing it brought me back to sitting in way too many memorials where we’ve laid our friends to rest far too young.

Elena: Full Measures also deals with letting go of our fear and enjoying the moments life gives us. If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?

Rebecca: Skydive. I have an irrational fear of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I imagine it would be amazing.

Elena: In Full Measures we see the characters holding onto hope and not letting themselves get crushed by life’s negativity. What’s something positive you try to keep in mind when negativity surrounds you or bad events happen?

Rebecca: Bad things happen, especially in our military lifestyle. I try to remember that everything happens for a reason, and even if it’s awful at the moment, there’s a bigger plan in play. If that fails, I hug my kiddos tight and siphon off a bit of their joy. They radiate love and joy…and dirt. Lots of dirt.

Elena: Congratulations on signing a three book deal with Entangled Embrace! I’m so happy especially because Josh is coming back! Can you tell us more about this project?

Rebecca: Thank you! I’m thrilled to have a three book deal with them! I’m in edits right now for Jagger’s story, which I LOVE. He’s just… divine. Grayson comes right after him, and though you haven’t met him yet, I hope you’ll love him as much as I do! Then Josh is coming back around to round out his story with Ember. =)

Rapid Fire Questions:

Coffee or tea? Coffee. Always.

Pepsi or Coke? Oooh, neither, I eat paleo, so no soda, but I really miss cherry coke!

I never get tired of…? Kissing my husband.

Every person needs…? Love, and lots of it.

If I gave you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world where would you go? Bora-Bora.

5 words to describe yourself are: loyal, quirky, passionate, determined, romantic

What’s your motto in life? Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. 😉

Elena: Thank you so much, Rebecca, for the interview! ❤

Rebecca: Thank you so much for having me! I’m seriously tickled that you loved FULL MEASURES!



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Rebecca is offering two e-book copies of Full Measures. To enter click HERE.

Thanks once again to Rebecca for the interview and the giveaway!



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